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"I am love and love is me!"

Say it to yourself…

“I claim love as who I am. The more I learn about love, I realize that love is all there is.  Love can overcome anything.”

Why not choose to believe that the universe is made from love. Believe that love permeates the universe.

The more you learn, aren’t you starting to feel that love is the force that creates all things. Therefore recognize yourself as love. 

Choose to see all things through the eyes of love and treat yourself and all others in a loving manner.

You’re creating a world of love. Believe it. Own it.  It starts with you.

Can you now feel love permeating every cell of your body and realize that your body is becoming more vibrantly alive the more you see it that way.

Believe that you create your reality in each moment. Know that thoughts are things. Know that thoughts create things. Know that you need to be careful of your thoughts. 

Feel the love coursing through your veins. Feel the love emanating out of you. Feel the love coming from your eyes as you look at this beautiful world.

Take responsibility for your power and acknowledge that you are an important part of all that Is. 

Say it aloud and proud, “I am love and love is me!”.

Be Strong 💪 

Dr. Gwen Patrone



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