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The Genesis of Kandi! Part 2

Get your seat belt on, we're going into the way back machine!

For those girls just starting out or that think I look decent, let me assure you, it was a process! I have three words for you: practice, practice, practice!

This was literally Day One of Kandi. Never wore makeup or a wig in my life before this (I wore everything else, which we have discussed here before).

Hideous doesn’t begin to cover this mess! I drove to Detroit (see About page for more) for a makeover and went out. I do not (thankfully) have pictures of that as I hadn’t yet understood the CDers fascination with taking selfies.

Here is the first time out, to a GNO in Warren, OH, where I did my own makeup (if you look quickly and then cover your eyes you won’t suffer eye damage).

Then I regrettably went to an Erie Sisters meeting. Regrettable because it was a complete shit show, I have never been more embarrassed by some one else’s actions in my life. All I will say is we had dinner at a Cracker Barrel with two of the most reprehensible human beings I have ever met (Erie Sisters at the time). I tried to do false eyelashes this day and practically punched my image in the mirror as I could not get them on right, frustration like you never experienced. Until just this past trip to Erie did I even try them again myself.

First and last time I did the selfie thing in the mirror.

I had a makeover at a local mall later in year one and this may be the first picture I took that I am not horrified by (although on second thought, I should be)!

One more picture from 2015, the birth year of your genial host here in Kandi’s Land! I struck up a friendship with a doll at Sephora. She and one other person had so much to do with who I have become. Anna helped me with makeup. Not too long after this, she got a job at Sephora corporate. I hope she is crushing it!

The other person I referenced was Izzy at Soma. There are no pictures, but she did bra fittings, helped me build my initial panty collection (I have not worn male underwear since 2015 and never expect to again) and instilled a great pride in me. Most of what she did for me was while I was on downtime at work, therefore in grubby, truck driver, male mode. I wish I could thank both her and Anna for helping me become the woman I am now. I think they would be proud of me.

There are so many unbelievable human beings out there that will lend a girl a hand, support her, be there for her. They were there for me and I hope some day, some way, I can properly express my gratitude. Izzy, Anna, I owe you my sanity and the great joy I have found. ❤️


8 Responses

  1. Hi Kandi, This is a very nice, filled with a genuine sincerity, presentation of your early Kandi moments. I have to say though that the photos you have shown here reveal a pretty darned good outcome (clothing choices – love the burgundy sweater dress!, makeup, (OK, the early makeup is not as refined as it might be) jewelry, and boots) of your efforts.
    Your evolution has been, and continues to be, fabulous to watch through your excellent blog. Your adventures and wonderful achievements are absolutely inspiring.
    Have a good late autumn Monday!
    Marissa in Ohio

  2. Kandi, I love reading posts like this one as they’re such an important part of us. Makeovers in particular are often a turning point in our evolution, quite possibly because, for many of us, they’re our first interaction with someone else in the real world.

    Of course, we look back at our early transformations and cringe but we’re always our own worst critic. The important thing, though, is that without those events, we wouldn’t be where we are today. A crooked eyelash, wonky eyebrow or smudged eyeliner is a pain at the time but a prompt to try to get it right next time round. The ‘XX’ brigade have years to perfect it and a much more forgiving ‘blank canvas’ to start with – we have to get up to speed in double quick time, all while fighting a battle with the ravages of testosterone!

    And I think you may need a new dictionary – ‘hideous’ does not mean ‘happy’, ‘attractive’ or any of the other adjectives that spring to mind when looking at the accompanying pics!

  3. Yes Kandi we all have a beginning once we finally figure ourselves out, well sorta.
    I was dressing at home for many years before that first adventure into the real world
    So this story is very familiar
    Your choice in outfits shows even back then you had a sense for fashion
    It’s been a great journey and watching you become a better you

  4. Kandi just like fine it improves with time . You look great Kandi very classy from the beginning. Sometimes we are our own harshest critics…

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