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Time to think a bit.

Did you know you already have all the answers inside you regarding your TRANS JOURNEY?

There’s vast knowledge within you already.


It simply requires you to be willing to self reflect.

Ask yourself…

1. Am I willing to explore my TRANS feelings?

2. How does it feel to step beyond my comfort zone when it comes to my journey?

3. What would I like to experience today?

4. Am I willing to take baby steps every day?

5. Will I be satisfied if I come to the conclusion that I’m not going to fully transition?

6. If I come to the conclusion that the only option for me to be happy is to fully transition, am I willing to do what’s necessary to eventually achieve my TRANS TRUTH?

I’ve given only a few questions.  Obviously, there’s many more.  They require you to have deeper thought and consideration.

You have an incredible gift of intelligence, allowing you to live life fully. Simply trust that you can figure out any problem, and all you need to do is seek the answer.

Transitioning is a MAJOR LIFE DECISION and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  It’ll  take time to understand. Sometimes, you’ll have to go back to you’re childhood to discover why you feel as you feel. But eventually, you can learn what you need.

It takes courage to ask these, and many more questions so you can discover your TRUTH. It’s easy to believe negative GROUP THINK about what you should or shouldn’t do.  Keep reminding yourself of all the knowledge and experience you have already gained in life.

It may take months or years to find the solution or answer you need, but once you find your path to your TRUTH JOURNEY, keep it and let go of questions.

You may need to do a lot of trial and error and practice various experiences.  This will give you insights into your likes and dislikes season to make a more sound decision.  This is part of your TRANS JOURNEY.

Your mind is a fantastic tool, and you can tap into your knowledge base whenever you need information or inspiration. Know what you love and what makes you happy, and know your strengths and weaknesses.  These are through life experiences.

Be proud of everything you discover and every baby step you take.  Then celebrate your beautiful self.

I challenge you to dare to pursue your TRUTH JOURNEY, and regardless of what happens, face challenges along the path fearlessly because you know that you have everything you need inside.

Dr. Gwen Patrone



2 Responses

  1. Gwen,
    I discovered I couldn’t fully answer the transtion question until I had the opportunity to freely consider it which didn’t happen until I lived fulltime . Basically we need to see the wood for the trees , which isn’t always possible when living with a wife or partner that is unaccecpeting . Transition is what you make it in order to live at ease with your dysphoria , which means not everyone has the need for hormones or surgery . It took me a while to stop feeling a fraud , or making excuses . I gradually realised my life is probably as good as it gets , I’m livng and being accpeted as a woman . I have no limitations , being trans isn’t a handicap , the important point is we stop thinking we are something special and return to a normal life as the person we truly chose to be .

  2. Gwen,
    #5 was a key for me. I have never wanted to transition and am sure I never will. I am perfectly happy to be a feminine crossdresser. Knowing that has helped to make my dressing a very comfortable experience.
    I often admire the ladies who do transition though because it must be an extremely tough decision to so drastically alter the course of one’s life, even if it’s for the better.


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