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Crystal’s Home Makeover Session

What an experience!

By Crystal Joens

Back in mid-November, I saw that I would be home alone for a weekend.

Now it turns out that my nail expert (manicurist/pedicurist), Tawny, is the only person in town, other than my wife, that knows about my Crystal side. Twice after trips, she spotted acrylic remnants on my toes. I blew it off the first time as a “bet that I lost”. The second time, I confessed. She could not have been more supportive.

So, seeing this weekend window coming up, I asked if she knew anyone in her cosmetology world that she trusted to keep my secret and willing to do a makeover in my home. She was excited about it and went through about 3 until she found a recommendation from someone else. I booked Naomi.

Turns out when she worked for Mac cosmetics, she female makeovers for men regularly..

She came to the house for a few hours and here are the results for your perusing and comment. I know that some of these have been posted on Flickr, but not as a collection like this.

We started with a simple, smart, blue business look:

Then we adjusted the makeup for this red evening gown look.

This dress was $3.99 at Goodwill’s Thrift Store! Then a little less dramatic gown with sequins, which were all over the floor later.

Then a “timeless” floral dress. Pardon the pun with the clock in the photo!

How about this little peasant dress…..?

The obligatory LBD.

And then a bit of sassy black in leather pants…..

And a simple blouse and slacks….

And to wrap up this makeover and fashion show, inspired by Kandi’s recent post, here is one with the true artist, Naomi.

Thanks, Kandi, for letting me share this and for inspiring me!


Editorial comment: It is my sincere pleasure and is why this place even exists!


8 Responses

  1. Crystal,
    It’s so good to have a wife who accepts the hidden , feminine side , without that it can become mentally wearing . I can see you had some fun with the help of Naomi , I bet you can’t wait for the next time .

    You have some great choices in your wardrobe , I had to smile at the comment about sequines , I have acouple of cocktail dresses but the big problem is with the smaller glitter dresses and tops , after I’ve worn my top I can see everywhere around my home with a sparkle . It can get so bad that some stores have had to print a disclaimer after a male customer complained that a top he’d bought for someone who wasn’t his wife left the telltail trail everywhere for his wife to see !!

    1. Thanks Teresa! Yes, I am quite fortunate and can’t wait for another, as yet unscheduled session. Naomi says if I order the Marilyn Monroe wig, she can get me close to to that iconic look. What a thrill that will be.

      Love that disclaimer item


      1. Crystal,
        That’s great but watch out for those ventilation grills !! I still love that scene in ” Woman in red ” when Kelly Lebrock ahd some fun with one .

  2. Hi Crystal,
    I am so happy for you girl. You must have been beside yourself with excitement the closer it got to that weekend. Times like this in your life will be with you for ever and something you will always look back on with fondness.
    I think my favourite is “ the obligatory LBD”. It looks like you were made for each other and it looks amazing on you. You look sooo pretty. Have a great day ❤️🥰💋


    1. Thanks sweet Trish! Your exuberance helped me almost relive the thrill of that day.

  3. Crystal, it’s so amazing what you can do with the help of a professional. What a wonderful experience. Your makeup in these photos is simply fabulous, you look so beautiful. I love all the dresses too and have an almost identical peasant dress that I love. I do hope you’re able to do that Marilyn look with Naomi. That would be amazing.

  4. Nothing like a gorgeous makeover. I have never had a private makeover, but it looks like fun. A professional can bring out the best in a girl. You look lovely in those photo’s, and looks like you had a lot of fun. I have found salons in so many cities that are happy to have me for a makeover, you just need to ask around.

    Happy for you

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. Yes, some of us need professional help. And I can’t wait to be my idol.

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