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How To Pull Off a Swimsuit

Nora is back!

By Nora Simone

The following article is posted here with permission of the author and Transliving International, the world’s leading magazine celebrating gender diversity.

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5 Responses

  1. An intriguing post Nora! I’m not quite at that point yet, but I do feel compelled to try a bathing suit at some point. Your post gives me clues on how to proceed. BTW – I have seen bathing suits in the En Femme catalog which offer built in gaff and breast pockets – they are quite expensive. Wondering if you had seen them, and were they worth it?
    Thanks, and all the best

  2. Kris,
    I’m glad you found the article useful. As Nora, I prefer women’s wear. So I’ve no experience with the specialty items you’ve referenced.

  3. Nora,
    I guess a swimsuit is like the elephant in the room , do we totally ignore them or literally test the water ( wearing one ) .

    I’m choosing not to ignore them but what style to choose ? You mention the obvious problems , tucking and boobs , OK to take a step back make sure all body hair has gone The other consideration is age , at 70+ a two piece is a distant dream .

    I decided to play safe and choose a one piece with a skirt , this gives the benifit of secure boobs and a cover up for any tucking problems . I bit the bullet and checked out a large clothes store , I knew the SA so I asked about the choices she suggested a black one with a skirt and then offered to check how it fitted in the changing area . I slipped it on and stepped out of the cubicle to find she’d gone so went further into the store to find her , she was chatting with work friends but when she saw me she gave me the thumbs up . As I stepped back into the changing area a lady looked me up and down then sighed , saying ” Oh you are lucky I wish I had your figure !” I politetly thanked her and assured her figure was OK . So far I’ve worn it in the garden but found it was too heavy and too hot so I’ve since tried a selection in another retail shop and chosen a cooler one again with a neat skirt .
    This year will be the first time I’m going to wear one in public on holiday in Cornwall , partly around the hotel pool and partly on the beach but I must find a nice cover up , the problem with swimming is getting my wig wet , so always pack a spare one .

  4. Nora,

    There are some very good tips in this article which will hopefully enable more CD’s to enjoy the experience of wearing a swimsuit in public. I bought my first swimsuit last year, getting a one-piece with a small skirt around the bottom because I can’t tuck. I wore it for the first time last year at the pool at the Foxwoods Resort in Ct. and it was a wonderful experience. This year I’m shopping around for a bikini top and a separate short swim skirt which I will wear to the beach. Can’t wait!

    And you needn’t have worried, you look lovely in both of those suits.


  5. Nora,
    Sorry I have been out off town at meetings for a few days and wasn’t able to read or reply sooner.
    I have swim in my former pool in several one pieces, but never out in public. And I still have several one pieces.
    I like to get a FULL leg tan, so during the late spring to early fall I will sit outside in my garden in my side-tied bikinis bottoms. Love the tan lines I get on my behind.Though, I don’t do tops tan lines, I will sometimes have a bra under a tee shirts. Like you,
    A few years ago I didn’t like the bush that protruded out the sides of the bikini, but I don’t like stubble from shaving. I’m lazy and I don’t want to continuously shave everyday, so I started to get brazians to tame the hair. I know this might be too much for some, but for me it is the only way to go.
    One tip: The end of summer is a great time to stock up on swim wear. Stores rather clear out their inventory than store it over the winter. I’ve gotten some great deals, like $3.99 bikini bottoms (formerly $30 and up).

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