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Bucket List–Boxes Ticked ✔

Dee takes us down Memory Lane and reminds us to actually live our lives, get out there proudly and be ourselves!

Most people are familiar with the phrase “bucket list”, especially after the movie of the same name from several years ago–the things you want to do before you “kick the bucket”.

Most CDs–or at least I–have a bucket list of things they wish to do en femme. This week, I will check off the items on my list I’ve actually checked off–in Aussie slang (I’m married to an Aussie), I’ve “ticked the box”. Next week will be the items still on my list (I have an active imagination), the boxes yet to be ticked.

For many CDs–and true for me for the longest time–the biggest item on their bucket list is to just go out dressed. 

For me, for about 10 years I would dress when out of town, and occasionally walk through an empty street or parking lot. In retrospect, it was a silly thing to do and a waste of 10 years; silly in that someone walking dressed as a woman shouldn’t (or wouldn’t) be walking alone at night.

I stuck a toe in the water one year for Halloween by walking up and down a popular street for about an hour. The next year I went out of town (on a golf trip, mind you) and did a side venture to go out in San Francisco, including a makeover at Sephora. 

The next year I set four goals. My wife was going out of town for four days, so it was time.

My list?

  1. Get a manicure (once I did, I would be “pot committed” to carry out the other three items).
  2. Get a makeover at Sephora, but this time take notes and learn more.
  3. Try on dresses at a store while dressed.
  4. Buy a wig while dressed (my wife had bought my wig for me).

My plan was to rip the band-aid off as hard as I could. And I did.

It could not have turned out better. 

My nail tech, Cailee, was fabulous. I told her my plans, and she loved hearing them. I went in as a boy, then got dressed up later and returned for a selfie with Cailee (and because I had such a good experience, I returned to the same salon for another manicure and met my GG bestie Michelle).

My Sephora MUA Julie studied my face, found the right foundation for me, patiently explained the process while I took notes, and gave me the confidence I could do my own makeup.

At Nordstrom I tried on at least 25 dresses over three days (long story), and met a couple of sales angels, Falon and Karla, who are now my friends.

I also went to a wig store and found the wig that was right for me.

In the last 4 plus years, I’ve done lots of things I never dreamed I could. The high points:

  1. Took the train (“Training Pretty”) from St. Louis to Chicago and spent four days mostly in Dee mode.
  2. Saw “Hamilton” in Chicago on that trip.
  3. Saw U2 at the Scotttrade Center in St. Louis in rock girl mode (attendance around 15,000), and the New Pornographers in Melbourne (about 14,700 less).
  4. Had a fabulous GNO (girls night out) with my GG friend Michelle at a locally famous restaurant and danced (a bit) at the bar afterwards.
  5. Did a bikini/swimsuit photoshoot at the pool at Michelle’s house (and Michelle was my enthusiastic photographer).
  6. Attended a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game.
  7. Gone grocery shopping and multiple Costco trips (and screwed up my courage to order glasses with woman’s frames at Costco).
  8. Met my three GG friends, Falon, Karla, and Michelle, and have had multiple outings with each of them.
  9. Spent seven consecutive days dressed at least part of the day, including a couple of days at Pinkfest AND meeting our own Julie Slowinski.
  10. Traveled to Cleveland twice (to compete in triathlons) and met our hostess with the most mostest, Kandi.
    All the photos here represent each of the items on this amazing list!

All journeys start with a single step. Make your list, and start ticking off items, a step at a time. For many, the first step is opening the front door and taking a step out (or opening the car door and stepping out).

Next Sunday, the things still on my list.


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