These days we’re taught to avoid pain.  Go to your safe space they say.  As a result, we become weaker.  Failure strengthens our failure muscles.  Avoidance creates failure atrophy.


Expect to win but be prepared for failure and laugh in its face!

The only downside to failure is that your objective might take longer to achieve than you’d hoped. Consider all other aspects of failure to be positive. Failure makes you stronger in several different ways.

You learn something when you fail. Every failure provides information that can be applied to your next attempt.

Failure is a process of learning. You must be eager to learn as much as you can, because it makes you a more capable person. Failure also brings you closer to success. If you’re willing to fail enough times, you’re assured of success.

You also become mentally stronger. Failure can be challenging. Each failure you overcome makes you stronger. Failure builds your mental toughness in unique and powerful ways.

Failure provides with an opportunity to learn how to persevere. Every failure provides an easy excuse for quitting, but you must refuse to quit. Each time you continue after a failure, you become more resistant to giving up in the future. You must know how to persevere.

Failure makes you stronger for the future. Each time you fail and continue, you become more capable. You become more determined to become very skilled at making the most of your failures.

Others might avoid failure, but as a TransPreneur, you most welcome it.

Be willing to fail in a big way. Know that the benefits of failure outweigh the costs. 
In this way, you exercise your failure muscles and become more capable to overcome anything.

Be Strong. 💪 

Gwen Patrone 



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