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Everything you need is right there within you.

Everything you need is right there within you.

Regardless of what comes next, it’s all right here within you. 


Regardless of what comes next, trust yourself. It’s all okay. 

Let go of fear and release anxiety and worry. Believe that keeping an open heart to accept any situation unconditionally helps you thrive, and have faith that everything turns out well in the end. 

When you have an aversion to something or need more understanding, just further investigate and find information to help you understand why things happen. Then take action. 


Believe in miracles and magic, and think that things always work out for your greater good. Trust yourself to create solutions to problems instead of falling prey to them.  

Whatever happens in your life, learn from it and grow from the experience. Let go of trying to control the outcome of situations, and focus on what feels right to you.  

Regardless of what comes next, your life is still outstanding, and enjoy life’s journey. Be open to whatever comes your way and might happen next, and be prepared for all possible outcomes and know you can handle the unexpected. 


Hug your BAD SELF girlfriend! You are incredible when you let your inner femme breath. Love your femme self. Love your family. Love your friends. Love your job. Say it, “I love my life”. 

In conclusion, be grateful for every experience and the wisdom you have in the present. Be thankful to create a bright future by focusing on today. 

Don’t you love your possibilities? 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

1. How can you adapt quickly to new circumstances? 

2. What helps you remain calm and relaxed in these situations? 

3. How does gratitude for learning help you move through life? 

Be Strong 💪 

Dr. Gwen Patrone 



One Response

  1. Gwen,
    The problem with many transgender people is they can’t answer many of your questions for themselves . Positive thinking comes from some knowledge of the answers , without that knowledge it’s so much harder to know you own mind .

    To declare you love yourself for what you are could be considered a selfish act when others don’t share that love for who you would prefer to be . Many gender clinics are overflowing with people who don’t know what the future holds because they don’t know or can’t accept the basic facts .

    Even with outside help adapting to a new situation can still be insurmountable , some people in our lives can be immovable objects . Every time you think you’ve sidestepped them they simply move the goalposts .To remain calm in these circumstances is so hard when the other party keep fueling the fire . If you do turn away you’re often accused of burying your head in the sand .
    Life is about learning sometimes by some very harsh lessons , it’s only with time can we begin to be grateful . Not always by forgiveness but sometimes by understanding we are a better person than others give us credit for .
    I admit I could never totally forgive my ex-wife but through her actions she made me a better person , I know she hates herself for it but I haven’t given up hope that one day she will come to terms with herself .

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