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Gwen continues her evolution.


For Taylor, living as a crossdresser was not an easy thing. He didn’t mind being a guy but he also was fascinated about women. It was a difficult journey that he had to undertake alone, hidden from the prying eyes of his family, friends and colleagues. He felt that he was living a dual life, where he was forced to put on a façade to keep up appearances in public, while in the privacy of his own room, he could be his true self.

Taylor had always felt like he was living two different lives. On the outside, he was a typical young man – handsome, athletic, outgoing, and popular. But on the inside, he had a secret desire to explore his feminine side, to dress up in women’s clothing and experience life as a woman. He wanted to know what it was like to be a woman. Perhaps he was more than a man. Maybe he was both? Dual Gender? Oh, the possibilities!

He had been dressing up in secret for years, hiding his feminine clothes in the back of his closet and waiting for the right moment to slip into them. But he was always afraid of what other people would think if they found out. He knew that he didn’t fit in with the typical “guy” crowd, and he was terrified of being judged and ridiculed for his secret desires.

One day, while his family was out of the house, Taylor decided to indulge his feminine side. He snuck into his sister Jessica’s room and rifled through her closet, looking for something to wear. He found a lacy bra and panty set that he had always admired and slipped into them, admiring himself in the mirror.

Jessica was beautiful with long straight blonde hair and a curvaceous figure any guy would drool over and women envy.

But as he was putting on a pair of Jessica’s stockings, he heard the door creak open behind him. He turned around and saw his sister standing in the doorway, her eyes wide with shock.

At first, Taylor was mortified. He tried to cover himself up, stammering apologies and hoping that his sister wouldn’t tell anyone about what she had seen. But to his surprise, Jessica just laughed and said, “I knew it!”

Taylor was shocked. He had always thought that he was the only one with these desires, that he was alone in his secret world. But now his sister was telling him that she suspected all along.

Instead, she embraced him, encouraging him to be his true self, something that he had never experienced before.

For the first time, Taylor felt like he could finally be himself. With Jessica by his side, he started to explore his feminine side. He felt alive!

Jessica took him shopping for clothes, teaching him how to choose the right clothes, makeup, and accessories. He learned how to walk in high heels, how to apply makeup and how to style his hair. Jessica even took him to a salon where he got his first ever manicure and pedicure, something that he had always been too afraid to try.

But the thought of going out in public dressed as a woman was still too much for Taylor to handle. He was afraid of what people might say or do if they found out that he was a crossdresser. But Jessica was determined to help him overcome his fear. She encouraged him to take small steps, like going for a walk around the block or going to a nearby park.

At first, Taylor was hesitant. But as he started to step out of his comfort zone, he realized that the world was not as scary as he thought it was. People on the street barely looked twice when he walked by, and some even complimented him on his style. Some guys even cat-called from across the street. It felt great and solidified his confidence.

Eventually, Taylor grew more and more comfortable in his own skin. He started going out to bars and clubs, where he met other people who shared his interests. He became friends with drag queens, crossdressers, and transgender individuals, who were all living their truth in their own unique ways.

And Taylor’s relationship with Jessica grew stronger with each passing day. She became his confidant, his mentor, and his friend. He would share his feelings and fears with her, and she would offer him guidance and support.

Jessica had a suggestion, “If you really want to feel feminine while going out, you must first change your mindset. You are a woman! You are not a man in woman’s clothing. You’ve got to feel it in your bones. Feel your feminine spirit rise from inside you. BE HER. Let her out.”

One day, Jessica suggested that they go out together as sisters. Taylor was hesitant at first, but Jessica was insistent. She suggested that they both dress up in their best outfits, and that they would go out to dinner and a show. “Remember what I told you about letting her out. Be female. Don’t just act female. She’s always been inside you. Just find her and invite her to come out and play.”

Taylor agreed, and the night turned out to be one of the most memorable of his life. He felt beautiful and confident, and he knew that he was with someone who accepted him for who he was. They walked down the street arm in arm, laughing and joking like sisters, and Taylor felt a sense of belonging that he had never experienced before.

As they sat down for dinner, Jessica turned to him and said, “You know, I always felt like something was different about you. And now I know why. You’re my sister, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Taylor was overcome with emotion. He had never felt so loved and accepted in his life. And from that moment on, he knew that he would never have to go through life alone again.

He was dual gender and that was okay. It was more than okay – it was who he was, and he was proud of it. And with the love and support of his sister Jessica, he knew that he could face anything.

The End.

Dr. Gwen Patrone


6 Responses

  1. GWEN.



  2. I loved this story! That sense of belonging in the sisterhood. I have needed that all my life.

  3. Gwen,
    Many of us live so long in fear of being outed , how often have we discovered many of the fears were ill founded ? Support can come from some very unexpected quarters , the sad part is so many never experience that feeling . The biggest hurdle is accepting the truth about ourselves , we can never step forward until we do , in doing so we can start to build our confidence so we can one day face the world and make the clear statement about who we are .

    I struggled with the ” dualness ” of the situation until I finally read Jan Morris’s biography . When questioned if she was a better author as a man or a woman . she replied by saying , ” I’m sick of being asked that question , I and all of you now get the best parts of me ” . I guess it comes down to dealing with the male part you loathe and hate , I do realise that doesn’t apply to everyone , it really depends on your level of dysphoria .

    Your story possibly resonates in many of us , it’s often what we dream could come true . Many of us have that deep desire to share our needs , if only I could have shared it with my ex-wife , to become a close female companion , I still don’t see the problem with that as we grow older . People say our wives don’t sign up for this but lest not forget we all change , she wasn’t the woman I married as much as I’m not the man she married , it’s wonderful to see some couples embrace that as they grow older .

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