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Tri-ing Again–Day Two

Part deux!

Last Sun-dee I wrote about my history of combining Dee time and triathlons, and my first day (Wednesday) at this year’s USA Triathlon National Age Group Championships in Milwaukee. Today, day two, Thursday.

I started my morning with a leisurely bike ride in boy mode. After breakfast, I got dressed for my visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum, about a ten minute walk from my hotel. The blue dress is one of my favorites, and I had worn it four years before to the Art Institute in Chicago, where I got a compliment on my dress from an elderly lady. I wore my flats for walking, carrying a pair of heels for wearing in the Museum in a plastic bag (and ended up only wearing the heels for about ten minutes).

I am not the biggest fan of art museums, but they are a good destination to get pretty. I wandered the exhibits, looking for good photo opportunities. Two of the pieces in the more modern section were reflective. I ventured outdoors for the Love sculpture, and back indoors for “The Dave Project” (a pottery maker from the late 1800’s, known only for his first name, who might share a first name with someone that I know).

After a couple of hours at the museum (about my cultural time limit), I walked to a thrift store near my hotel. I did find a sister dress to my blue dress (same brand, Maggie London, same pattern, but a different fabric), but unfortunately it was a size too small. I then found a downtown Café (not a lot of open cafes in downtown Milwaukee, which I imagine is a consequence of the pandemic), and ordered my lunch to carryout and eat at my hotel.

I got cleaned up and changed back to boy mode, as I needed to pick up my race packets and then have a Zoom conference call with my wife and a third person. I walked to some of the same locations in boy mode that I had visited the day before dressed as Dee, and took a couple of the same selfies. The boy pictures end up on Facebook (my FB friends say they like reading about my races), while the Dee pictures end up here.

After dinner, I got dressed to drive to a downtown casino. I’m not a big gambler, but casinos are open a lot of hours, and a good destination to go dressed. Casinos have a wide range of dress, from extremely casual to more formal, so dresses aren’t completely out of place. I generally play video poker, and sometimes have a drink (I’m not a big drinker either). I bought the Ted Baker dress I wore at a thrift store in Chicago, and had never worn it out. I lost a few dollars, had a drink, and then headed back to my hotel after about two hours.

Stay tuned next Sun-Dee for Day Three, and my race results (yeah, I actually take time out from my dressing up to do the races).

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