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Personal Day – Part 2

Sadly, Dee's personal day ends.... Let's see how it went!!

Last Sunday I wrote about going to lunch with members of the St. Louis Transgender Group, and then to the mall for first Nordstrom and then Macy’s.

Mindful of my GG friend Renee’s suggestion to expand my comfort zone, after Macy’s I stopped in a Windsor store, which focuses on young people. I found a few things to try on, mostly very clingy and very short and very youngish.

I also found a halter style dress that fit and actually looked pretty decent on me. It also showed a lot more of my back than I’m used to. I asked the assistant, and she said it looked good and I thought it looked good and decision made. Later on, Renee made her opinion known, as she usually does, by adding icons to my photos.

I decided on going to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and changed into another sundress. I sat at the bar and had my dinner, a relatively healthy Mexican tortilla salad (mindful of my race, no cheesecake either).

After dinner, I checked into my hotel, dressed in the blue strappy dress with the pink flowers. The reservation was in my guy name, and I handed the clerk my male driver’s license and my credit card with my male name AND my guy photo on it. The clerk, a couple of minutes in, asks is he (the guy me) here? I just pointed to myself. More proof people don’t see the guy us in the girl us.

My hotel was close to a casino and they have become a popular destination for me (always open, I can dress up a bit, and something to occupy my time). When I texted Renee earlier in the week whether I should go summer (the dress I wore to dinner), or sexy to the casino, she said sexy. The top was from Michelle, the skirt I bought recently, and heels I bought last fall. It was fun to wear to the casino, and then to pose in after the casino.

Finally got to bed (didn’t want my personal day to come to an end), got about four hours of sleep, and then won my age group (out of four) at my tri.

All in all, a good weekend.

I need more personal days.


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