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My Week in Kandi’s Land

Life chugging along...

April 24, 2024…this is how we went to work.

A couple of hours at work, then a bit of grocery shopping. Yep, boring normality.

April 25, 2024 I attended the Annual Meeting/Luncheon for The Providence House, a favorite charity.

Drove there, attending by myself. Sat at a table with three folks from a local business, a couple and a woman my senior. No one I knew previously. The gentlemen that sat at my right recognized me from the film festival (again, seen one place, remembered and acknowledged somewhere else). We had a great conversation. The woman who sat at my left and I really hit it off. She complimented me on my blouse, then later on my earrings, then on my overall look. We talked quite a bit and she said she sensed a gentleness in my soul. So I got that going for me!

It’s also nice when in a banquet hall full of people, many high flyers, the CEO of The Providence House makes a point of finding me and giving me the big hug. I clearly wasn’t the big money donor there.

I did look pretty good…. That’s was it, there and back, again normalcy. A lovely afternoon for me.

April 26, 2024, volunteering for an HRC event, bowling. Grabbed a bite prior and had some fun for a few hours checking folks in and chatting with many. No great story but another nice experience for me.


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