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My Improvisational Birthday

Another time I am rewarded for being out, visible and proud!

Okay, it is official! I am old! That 5 in front of my age has now been replaced with a 6. To me, age is just a number, a rather large one now. It’s the aches and pains, the inability to sleep, those are the things that make me feel old, not the number. I sat watching TV the night before with a hot pack on my shoulder and the a cold pack on my Achilles.

I told my sister yesterday that I thought Dad was old when he turned 60. Now I know he was!

All that said, I do still find ways to feel young. A bikini on the beach. Or on this day, my second improv class!

As a means of making my evening interesting, you can see I wore my Happy Birthday tiara. I wore it all night and it did indeed make my evening interesting! My outfit was cute, casual and so comfortable!

Before class, I grabbed dinner and a few Happy Hour special margaritas in a crowded restaurant. Me, seated like any other woman at the bar, eating.

Then class started and I had another delightful time! No real stories here, just me honing my “craft” with my other classmates.

Then it got interesting as I did not want to evening to end just yet. I stopped at another restaurant and sat at a fairly empty bar. The bartender wished me a Happy Birthday (my tiara at work!) and I ordered a glass of wine. She then brought me a complementary glass of champagne as a birthday gift! When I asked for the check is said $0.00. Now I had to protest. Since I carry little to no cash, I had no way of tipping her, so she charged me $1 for wine. I tipped her what I would have paid for the wine with a tip. As I stand up, I notice a woman at the end of the bar. I walk over to say hello.

Well, long story short, after us girls gabbing for about an hour, I left another place where I entered knowing no one with two very good friends and a wonderful experience of love and acceptance! July 7, 2021, a great day!


12 Responses

  1. I love your hair it looks so good on you
    Yes 60 to me seems old as well and yes aches and pains, but I push on and just enjoy my life as much as I can, such as my vacation this week at the lake.
    Happy birthday and God bless you

  2. Great outfit, Kandi, it looks very cute and comfortable. I’ve always felt that age is just a number, and I usually feel a lot younger when I am dressed. Wishing you a belated happy birthday, and enjoying your stories of simple acceptance in your life. ❤

  3. Happy Birthday, Kandi, I am glad you had such a good time. One good thing about hitting 60 is that you are in a different age group for races and qualifying times for Boston get longer. Enjoy

  4. I’m 69 tomorrow and have embraced it with both hands. I just think that like so many of us who survived the days before internet and thinking we were alone in our dressing, these are our golden years, not the golden girls.

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