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Art School Girl

A couple of art museum shifts and a couple of darling outfits!

A nod to the spectacular Stone Temple Pilots, with the late, great former Clevelander, Scott Weiland singing lead. This was the title of a song off their third album, an under-appreciated album. Okay, I was not in art school, but at the fabulous Cleveland Museum of Art, performing my function as greeter extraordinaire!

I pulled a double shift this week, Thursday and Saturday. I made a full girl day of it on July 8, 2021, in a dress I adore (and have already traded for something new)!

First stop, photos in front of some iconic stores. Then my three hour shift at the museum. I had a fellow volunteer work the information desk with me and she was so delightful. A perfectly lovely shift. I had a conversation with a daughter and father making their way to Montana from Buffalo, stopping along the way to see various things (like our museum). The daughter and I chatted about how she wanted to do this before it was too late. With my father having recently passed away, my face streamed with tears of happiness having had that conversation.

Feeling every bit the woman I am (and seem to be evolving into), I wanted to stretch the day. I stopped at Goodwill in a great area, which means great donations to look at! I bought a lovely summer dress with a vintage feel to it. The cashier was so complementary of my dress and nails!

I picked up my dinner and then got gas. Next over to the mall as a heavy thunderstorm passed through. I, of course, struck up various conversation with many different SAs. Again me reveling in all that is female!

As a side note, this dress has a shape to it that allowed me to go completely without any added padding and let me tell you, it was a revelation! Two more stops, one at ULTA to get some needed makeup items and to CVS to pick up a prescription. A full day and a very satisfying one!

July 10, 2021 rolled around pretty quickly and I headed back for another shift. I usually work on the blog while I sit at the desk and it always makes me happy to just lose myself in typing with my nails on, my bracelet dangling on the keyboard. Just another reminder of who I am…

While I worked my shift, they were setting up the atrium for a wedding reception. It was nice to see something normal happening and it was lovely to see the bridal party and the bride in their dresses! One of these days….

Outside of that, there wasn’t much to tell. I snapped a few photos outside the museum on a beautiful sunny day!

There is just something alluring to me about a simple but classic outfit. A blouse well paired with the skirt. Walking in a skirt as it encases your legs. Heels clicking. Purse on your shoulder. Earrings swinging with each step. Tell me what is better than that!


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  1. I too love a dress that hides the fact that I have the body shape of a 2×4.
    Looks great Kandi !!!

  2. Kandi, the dress is gorgeous! I’m slightly sad that we won’t see it again, but I know its replacement will be just as wonderful. I do feel off-kilter without my hip pads, but you look great. The blouse and skirt are certainly a classic look, the floral print is beautiful. Glad to see your volunteer outings making a comeback! ❤

  3. Sounds like another wonderful two days.
    I love that dress it’s just so very cute and perfectly feminine, which is always so pleasing to wear.
    Of course I own very few dresses but I always enjoy seeing you in such pretty attire.

  4. KANDI,



  5. Love both outfits, Kandi; the dress looks so comfortable. It’s fun to interact with others but I am not as comfortable as you doing it. Looking forward to getting some padding in the near future.

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