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Another one that should have run July 4......

Be committed to follow your own truth. Commitment and passion are necessary to claim your birthright.

Are you feeling your inner power increase?  

You’ve got the inner power to be independent and strong.  You’ve got this. Inside, you know you’re aware of this. You’ve always had it. Rediscover your power.


Once you see that you’re independent from external influence, you can go within, to your core energy and find the heart of your truth. 

Are you feeling stronger? 

Resolve to double your determination.

Recognize the many freedoms that you’ve allowed to be taken away, now slowly and stealthily can be reclaimed by you. Now that you have a new strength within, resolve to take back your power. 

Own your truth!

You have power over your thoughts, emotions, your voice, and your body. 

You have power over your ego. Your core essence is now in charge. Feel awake, feel aware, feel conscious, and feel independent.

Can’t you feel your flower blooming?

Make plans to rely only on your higher consciousness.  Its your spirit, which is who you truely are. Commit to your higher purpose. 

Make abundantly clear what steps you need to take to bloom your flower.  Then take action steps to make your inner truth reality.

Why not make a contract with yourself to stay awake and aware of what is influencing you. Resolve to take steps that will keep you aware of any slip in consciousness that sidetracks you from achieving your ultimate goal.

Guard your independence like a dragon keeps its gold. 

Through vigilance, hold your independence close to your heart. Review your declaration of independence. Commit it to memory, like saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Read up on your constitutional rights. Know what is right and fair.

This independence weekend is so much more than a national holiday.  It’s where you can claim your independence! Take a stand for yourself.

Stand behind your truth.

Stand up for your your integrity. 

Stand up for your independence.

It’s time for your flower to bloom.

Be Strong 💪 

Gwen Patrone 



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