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How Lucky Am I?

I am the luckiest girl in the world!

November 7, 2021, back to work another wedding show for my friend. This time I took full advantage of the MUAs there and got a makeover. Now I caution you, some of these images are graphic, so you may wish to turn from the screen!

This is yours truly throughout the process:

That’s me and Alyssa on the left and me and the Perfect Veil crew enjoying cocktails afterward! She did tell me I had great skin (my nightly moisturizing is working!) and that my brows had a perfect arch (my electrolysis and grooming doing the trick!).

It was a very long and wonderful day for me. I was literally gone from home almost exactly 12 hours. I arrived in the morning and Alyssa spent close to an hour (or so it seemed) on me. I cannot thank her enough, it was wonderful and she was an absolute doll! How lucky am I?

Then I basically worked the show. I generally just walk around, smiling, making sure the vendors are getting what they need, making friends. I then act as the screen between the patrons that inevitably arrive early and the show as last minutes touches are completed.

I try to greet every bride, making them feel special (and making me feel feminine). For me, it is just a thrill and so very enjoyable! How lucky am I?

The space is spectacular and is where I will be participating in a bridal photo shoot for the magazine! So I was scoping out ideas for photos. My dear friend Lissa was preparing her models for the fashion show, so I worked her booth for a while. That, for me, another treat! I love Lissa, I love dresses, I love talking with brides. How lucky am I?

In one of my wonderful moments I ask you to think back to an improv jam I talked about a few months back. That was in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood. Fast forward to this date, in downtown Canton, well over an hour away and one of the ladies I jammed with comes up to say hello to me! She remembered me. She is getting married very soon. That was really cool.

My dress was super cute and comfortable and I just glided around all afternoon. We then found a rare open restaurant afterward and me and the MUAs had dinner and drinks. I was just one of the girls? How lucky am I?

This is a picture from the previous show taken by the photographer. I just love it!!

How lucky am I?


14 Responses

  1. I’m sorry Kandi but I don’t believe in luck.
    Your wonderful and amazing circumstances are a direct result of you being friendly, confident, funny, talkative, beautiful, respectful, kind, giving, resourceful, pretty, adventurous and joyful. That’s not luck; you are a very special person.

  2. Kandi you indeed have arrived as a great an wonderful representative of the trans community
    And this being trans awareness week I want to thank you for being such a great ambassador for all the girls here and yes even those who are F t M.
    I’m not sure many of the trans men read this blog but still you are such a great example of what is possible if we just get out there and be ourselves
    Hugs my friend
    Love ya Rach

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