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Travelogue: Keystone Conference 2023 – Day Two

A meaningful day!

March 23, 2023, the day began, well we won’t get into all of that. But I finally got my fat behind onto the treadmill and ripped off a 5 mile gem. Then some work and girl time!

I spent the better part of the late morning into the afternoon in three adult, real conversations. I have friends I have had all of my life, most of which I would take a bullet for. But many of those conversations are surface, meaningless conversations. This day, I laid my heart out, I listened, I answered questions, I offered advice. I made a difference.

In what is becoming a tradition, I was invited to be part of a lovely dinner at The Hershey Hotel. I was there with many of my friends and all I can say is the day continued to get better and better. It’s just wonderful seeing these friends!

My friend, who shall remain nameless, was settling the bill with our hostess, who was a wonderful lady. I was told the hostess was crying because she thought we were all so beautiful (she took a bunch of pictures for us) and she felt ugly. Well, I wasn’t going to stand for that! I went up to her and did the “come here” thing with my finger and gave her a giant hug. Best hug ever!

I won’t take credit for the caption to the photo below: The Last Supper.


4 Responses

  1. You are all beautiful ladies in those dinner pictures, I love your dress. Your casual outfit is also great, the sweater is gorgeous. It looks like a lovely time was had by all, I hope we’ll hear from some of the others with their thoughts and experiences of Keystone.

  2. Oh Kandi you are just super cute in all your pictures.
    And so many other lovely ladies
    Oh to be a part of something like this conference. I just doubt I will ever make it.
    Love ya

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