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Duplicate Divinity

My fourth movie in seven months!

Movie No. 4! While I am pretty certain I am in the previous three movies, I am pretty certain I will not be seen in this one. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

On what ended up being a snowy day, November 14, 2021, I played my specialty, background, for this JC Films production. The movie was about an hour and a half drive for me. I showed up early and set up in the hotel restaurant where we would be filming, noodling on the PC and having a bowl of oatmeal.

Then I made two terrific friendships. I lovely African-American woman, also in the movie, sat and we talked, and talked and talked and it was wonderful. Margaret was a delight!

At another table was Cynthia and her husband. She came over and introduced herself. The three of us, as well as Cynthia’s friend, Mary all sat at the same table during the shooting. We spent most of the time chatting and getting to know each other. I was treated like any other woman. I notice this and I deeply appreciate this. When the shoot was over, we all were very happy to have spent that time together!

One lovely young lady was so sweet to me! She complimented me on my sweater. Also, as I walked through the shoot, she said “Girl, how can you walk in those heels?” That, for me, is gold! It speaks to how wonderful people can be and how me being what I am is not an issue.

Well, that’s the story, but here are the outfit pics! I loved the whole look.


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  1. Kandi, I love the sweater. My answer to the question about walking in heels would be “A strong sense of balance – and lots of practice!” 😁❤

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