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On The Acting Front

I somehow continue to be blessed by such fun opportunities!

Remember this?

It’s back and I have been contacted to participate further. More details as this unfolds. In the process of getting reinvolved, I finally got photos from the October 21, 2022 premier. I think I did okay…

You have no doubt seen the poster for the upcoming epic “Sugar Cookies”!

So here is the rest of the story…

April 27, 2024 I participated in the filming of a short for an upcoming horror film competition. A five minute movie, as outlined in the rules of the competition, featuring a few friends and some others I met that day. I won’t spoil the plot, but yours truly ends up dead by cookie. Here are a lot of photos of the day. It was great fun! We filmed at the salon where a friend works and I was on set for over six hours. I chose the hair style for the character and before anyone tells me they prefer me blond, I know I look very nice in this wig and I HATE wearing it. The wig you see me wearing now all the time never feels like a wig to me. This one I am constantly aware that it is on my head, in my eyes, blown by the slightest breeze, fussing with it always, etc…


6 Responses

  1. Congratulations Kandi. I’m sure your death scene is very dramatic.

    I love your look in the blue jeans.


  2. Kandi Girl,

    You do look great as a blonde. I believe that back in the dark the beginning of our journey I suggested you would be great blonde, however your response was anti-blonde (and not said but strongly inferred was a message … NO advise needed.

    Perhaps my memory is faulty. Sorry.

    Marie Anne

  3. Kandi, you never cease to amaze not only in your adventures but just the fact it’s you in a movie. I must also say your out fit is perfection. You’ll end up in Hollywood yet girl.🥰

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