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Getting It Done

Doing what needed to be done.

After a fabulous, but thoroughly exhausting trip to Erie, I spent Sunday getting caught up. Drove the two miles home at around 6:00AM to make sure I saw my wife before she went to work. Then I did the grocery shopping, handled a few household responsibilities, made a great batch of matzo ball soup, got caught up on some work and got the bills paid, etc., got in a good workout, watched the Browns game, took a five mile walk, wrote all the Erie blog posts (including editing the pictures) and had dinner with my wife. Then in a rare occurrence, I slept like a baby.

November 20, 2023 I set up a meeting for an online initiative to begin building my apparel business. It went well, but as always, time will tell. From there I sold about half my basket of clothes and picked up a great blouse and sweater. I hit the bank and picked up our Thanksgiving turkey (Honeybaked Ham, precooked), then got back home, handled a few work issues, worked out and finally spent way too much time removing my gel nails. Boring post, probably. But I did love my outfit for the day.

Nothing better than a great blazer over a simple black outfit. Simple and very “every day”.

Time for a twin spin post! November 29, 2023, traffic court….

So I made a bit of a day of it. First off, trying something different with my brows. I love the way they look from a distance, not so much up close. We continue to experiment and evolve.

Since I knew this was day one of a bunch of Kandi days, I booked a gel manicure. Love these more for the feeling of having my nails in order than the look. I generally do this when I have a stretch of days dressed (Erie, Keystone, the holidays) and I always do them neutrally. This time, very neutral. I really only look like I have clear polish on and as always, I have plausible deniability if someone calls me out. It is true that when it gets cold and given the nature of my truck driving job, my hands get very dry and they sometimes split. This is very painful. So my explanation is that I get a clear polish to help prevent the splitting (or I simply tell them to f’ off if necessary).

After the manicure, off to make my monthly credit card payment at the bank simply to walk in dressed and have a wonderful interaction with the tellers. This time, no different, got the kindness I seek!

The blazer was a gift from a GG friend, pre-pandemic. I never got her out until today and I was very pleased with my appearance.

The next stop was a Goodwill a mile or so from traffic court to kill some time. There I acquired a cute as all-get-out dress, a blouse and a blazer. Like I needed them…..

Then over to court where I pled not guilty. My attire was no issue whatsoever. My objective here is to avoid the points on my license. December is when the truck insurance is reviewed and renewed and so I was able to push any issues into next year. I am fairly certain I will “win”, but also know it will not be cheap.

My last stop was to visit my boss on one of my six or seven jobs. Toni is the fashion maven for whom I am her model coordinator. On December 4, we have another show so I stopped to get my marching orders. While this job is not my most lucrative, it is something I would pay to do, let alone get paid. Toni is just a gloriously wonderful human being and friend. There may be no one who respects the complexity of me more. She just “gets” me and values me. Among the many people brought into my life as pure gifts from God (you readers are among those gifts), she is at the top of that list!


5 Responses

  1. Great outfits Kandi. You look very business casual.

    Brows are always a challenge. Someone should write a post about them, lol.

    Keep up the great work.


  2. Kandi,
    I hope you win your case , sometimes I feel motorists simply exist to make extra money for the local authorities , the actual offence is un important .

    Eyebrows are tricky , like you I have to wear glasses but more for close up work , reading and watching TV , so eyebrows have to work with the frame style , your brows may look great without glasses but perhaps don’t work so well with . Hair in general drives me bananas ! If it’s not shaping brows it’s trying to keep up with nasal hair growth , I don’t like my ears so prefer to use my hair to cover which is just as well as I sometimes forget about the forest growing from them . Saying that I have to wear hearing aids so keeping clear of hair makes them easier and more effective to use . I’m glad COVID is hopefully behind us because I began to run out of ears ! Wearing a wig full time can make it tricky at times to slip glasses on and off but with my hearings aids it’s more tricky so when we had to wear face masks something had to give . It happened to be my hearings aids after removing my mask in a supermarket carpark catching them and flicking them across the carpark , as they are costly items to replace I had to give them up , I did quite a lot of smiling sweetly and nodding in agreemant to many conversations .

  3. Kandi,
    Get your nails done and wear gloves.
    I randomly get told “I love your nails” or “I just love that color” when I just doing normal things, like handing over a credit card at a store. It one of the things I never get tried of hearing.

    Now those brows are another story. I call them “highlighter brows,” because they make people look like they just drew on their brows. The nurse taking my blood pressure yesterday while we were discussing iridescent nails had that type of brows with no hairs visiable. At least draw in some hairs. Sometimes after a brow waxing/shaping I will get my brows feminized (not any where close to Kandi’s highlighter) and she always draws in “hairs.”


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