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Life taking shape...

Thank you to those that affirmed for me that these boring posts of mine remain of interest!

Now for another one!!

It’s been about 20 years since I went to an office. I worked at home, buffed the hallways in my prison unit, drove a truck and again, worked at home. March 20, 2024, I went to the office. And it was wonderful!

When I walked in, one of my co-workers asked if I ever don’t look adorable. Yeah, that was nice.

This day, I just went to work. I booked some apparel sales and Sherri and I talked at length about my sales efforts. I will say, it was lovely getting up, dressed, running a few errands, and being a part of a group of (principally) ladies, planning parties. Hopefully, over time, I get dressed more frequently and have fewer and fewer stories of interest to you all. I need to continue moving to routine, normalcy.

March 21, 2024 back to the office on an interesting day. I got in about 11:00AM and went about some work and emails. This day was Sherri’s 74th birthday. Now remember, I work for a party planning company. So of course there was a birthday party and lunch. It was so wonderful for me just to be included in this and to feel completely at home. I am sooooo lucky to work here.

I headed across town and stopped at a library to finish my work for the day. Then over to a bar, but I did have an excuse. My one sports passion had an NCAA tournament game. As my luck has it, the game was principally in the middle of an event I was attending. So I did get to see the first 10 minutes or so, then headed to the Plexus annual meeting, happy that we were playing well.

All the while I am checking the score on my phone and we are getting our behinds handed to us. Oh well, another sports disappointment. I networked, saw friends and had a lovely time.

One last check of the phone, WE WON! Down 17 with less that eight minutes left and WE WON! Typical of my luck, I was so happy we were placed in the western region, which I thought would mean later games so I would be able to watch. Nope! We played the game at 2:30PM local time and now the second game will be Saturday, yes while I am working. It will be played at 12:45PM, 10:45AM local time. WTF? Me, I am sports cursed (my beloved team was a one seed for the first time in 100+ years of their basketball history, I had floor seats to see them play and then of course, the f’n pandemic canceled it all…..).

In that dress all day. BTW, that dress, $5 thrift purchase the prior Monday while killing time at work (I often have significant downtime in the truck).

I no longer even think about it, I just am…..


11 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    Slotting into normalcy doesn’t mean it’s boring . To meet up with Sherri and be told you look adorable is something you would never experience in male mode , how can it ever become boring when you can wear so many differnt outfits ?

    Some comments just blow you away at times , I was talking to a good GG friend from my painting group and telling her about the cruise I’ve booked next year . Sadly she has terminal cancer and is now on borrowed time but still chooses to live every day to the full , she took me by the arm and said if it had been this year should would have loved to come with me . To answer the question , NO she doesn’t know I’m transgender as the rest of both groups don’t , obviously it would have been too complicated to take up her offer so I now accept I’m a solitary traveller but it was still a lovely feeling to be asked .

  2. Kandi, reading this post just fills me with joy. I am so unbelievably happy for you, it just makes my heart swell. You so deserve all of this girl.

    Trish ❤️💋🥰

      1. Thanks Kandi, It’s no big deal though. I just love helping my sisters out and watch them flourish and see the fear in their eyes replaced with happiness and contentment. Claire, Lorraine and Megan were three of my favs. I have more work to do with Claire though she’s still not going out. She was supposed to come to Megans day out but was a no show. she says she’s coming to Kelowna’s Girl’s Weekend again at the end of April so I hope she shows up. She was so petite and pretty I just don’t understand her reluctance but I will find out.

        Trish 💖

  3. There are comments and then there are COMMENTS. We all get use to the regular comments “I love those _____”. Then there are COMMENTS. “..if I ever don’t look adorable” is one of those COMMENTS. You look great.

  4. Adorable is almost always how I see you Kandi, especially in a cute outfit like that, even though I’m enough years younger to be your daughter. It kind of shows me that keeping a positive and sweet attitude, looking on the bright side through the trials of life, however unjust, is still a good way to stay young and beautiful. And also wearing a dress all day to be considered normal for you seems fantastic to me.

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