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Double Feature

Saw two movies I was in, shot another one and found out a previous movie shoot will have national theatrical distribution!

The title has more meanings than one. This is another two outing post (double feature).

Sunday, August 20, 2023 began with Sunday services and let me tell you, the perfect way to spend a bit over an hour. I don’t mean to sound repetitive, but I walk into that place and I get nothing but complete love and acceptance. Quite a few hugs, quite a few meaningful conversations and my soul was filled (which I needed). I adore that place and those people. If you only gave me three hours a week for an outing, I would be very happy to just go to services Sunday after Sunday. Logistics and life prevent me from doing so as often as I would like.

After services I hit Cleveland’s Coventry neighborhood (very diverse and friendly), ate at a fabulous diner and had my breakfast. Again, just being……

I then headed across town and did some mall walking to kill off some time and then back to the Indie Gathering Film Festival (double feature, two events in one outing). I was thrilled to have two movies in which I appeared playing essentially at the same time: Grace and Mercy and Calendar. Since I can watch myself on Tubi with Grace and Mercy (which I have a few times), I committed to Calendar. Being a festival volunteer, I worked as the “projectionist” and hostess for the showing. I also got into another cast photo, this one not as large as the one I was in for the premier. A great Sunday, day three of my ongoing Kandi bender….

Monday, August 21, 2023, I filmed my ninth movie appearance, “Stalker Jane” (two consecutive days involved in movies, a double feature, okay you get it….). I jumped at this one, filmed at CLE Urban Winery, with the wardrobe cue: Friday night out attire and/or business casual. I think I did well on that front!

Not much of a story, but a whole bunch of pictures. I played a woman on her way home from work who stopped to have a glass of wine, not exactly a stretch for me! I met a few nice folks, talked a lot about common movie experiences and yes, I had a glass (or so) of wine.

So here’s the best part. Remember the movie I shot last summer in Pittsburgh? Of course you don’t, so click here to read about that! The movie has now been titled “Drive-Away Dolls”. I will be in an actual movie playing via national distribution, coming in February 2024 to a theater near you!

I am in the bar scene, but no way you can see me in the trailer (I looked…).

Click this link to watch the trailer!


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  1. I love the dress you wore to church, the lace hem is fabulous and flirty. Your business casual is perfect as always, just right for a glass of wine after work. Pick a place, and I’ll meet you there (if I ever get to Cleveland)!

    I’ve enjoyed the Coen brothers’ films ever since “Raising Arizona”, so I am looking forward to their new release and finding you in the bar crowd.

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