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Pre-Gala Festivities

One full day!

Yes, the above photo was taken while I had a mouthful of food…

We have good days, we have bad ones and many times we have both in one day. August 25, 2023 was one of those days. I spent a great deal of time working on booking two sales with a new customer, always time well spent. It took much, much longer that I expected, so I squeezed in a 30 minute spin in our basement gym before starting to get ready.

Getting ready is sort of a two pronged process. We start with a facial shave and then into the shower with whatever body shaving is required and a shower. Depending on what I am wearing, I can either get completely dressed (without the accessories) or underdressed and start the makeup process. The outfit I had planned was a great mod-looking dress that had a ’60’s vibes. I always try things on before they go into storage or get selected to wear. This dress fit, except on this day. I could not get it zipped. I tried all of my tricks, got frustrated, started to sweat and the basically blew the zipper out on the bottom. I did my Hulk imitation, literally ripping it off of me and in the garbage it went.

The original outfit was planned to highlight these ADORABLE shoes (buy them here, I cannot recommend them enough). Plus I needed to wear a belt to hide my girth. So I ran through a few options and landed on this beauty. Then the phone rang, with a customer who had a problem (if they could only see me when I am on the phone sometimes). Short story long, I finally got out the door to meet Sherry for a few drinks.

As it always is, I enjoyed the time with my BFF. I wish we could do it more often, but circumstances, schedules, etc. don’t always align. She went about the rest of her day and I headed downtown to a pre-gala dinner for the HRC. I am working their big fundraiser, as I have quite a few times, always fun. A teaser: the post on the event will run this Friday and while I am a humble lady, I looked fucking amazing!

They invite the volunteers for cocktails and appetizers with the big wigs and big donors. Always a great time. I had a few with Sherry, not wanting to spend too much at the HRC cash bar, as well as numbing myself from the frustrations of the day. But the cash bar was not a cash bar. We got two free drinks and as I am want to do, I worked my way into three more. I had a blast and I was blasted. I got home safely, but really felt the effects the next morning on the pickleball courts. Did I mention, I love these shoes!!!

This is how pathetic I am. I generally know where and approximately how much every item cost that (Kandi) I own. Literally the day before the government shut down all commerce due to the pandemic I went to my favorite place on Earth (not yet then), Piece Unique. I really hadn’t been there often and hadn’t yet gotten to know the folks there. Since the next day, the store (and most stores) would be dark, the proprietor (my now dear friend Lisa) was in a charitable mood. I ravaged the 90% off rack. I bought something like 20 items for less than $30. She was literally saying take this, take that. This dress was one of those pickups and I FINALLY got her out to play. As you read this, she has already been sold, hanging at Avalon Exchange in Cleveland Heights. One and done, baby! Gotta turn the inventory.


4 Responses

  1. While it was sad to read about the dress disaster, the one you ended up wearing is amazing. And yes, those shoes are very adorable! Glad to see Sherry and you enjoying a drink together. ❤️

    I have thought about making time for one of the HRC events in New England, but it hasn’t worked out yet. I am a member under my male name, so I’m not sure I would show up as Tina, even though I know they would welcome me however I presented.

  2. Fabulous dress my dear would have loved to see the other from your description
    Definitely a full day
    And can I be blunt? Please be careful when your out and drinking don’t want to see you stopped for any reason
    It’s not worth it
    You know I say this in love

    1. Rach, I know, you are preaching to the choir and whatever you say I completely know is out of love. I recently stopped for five days, so I know I can stop and frankly don’t want to stop completely. I just want to throttle back a bit and I am capable. Love you dear!!

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