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So what's our gal up to on a very rainy day? Let's find out!

I was able to carve out a few days in my vacation to relax, this being the first. So on a very rainy April 29, 2021, I got dressed and off I went! To do what? Not sure, but I was happy.

I wore this cute and unbelievably comfortable sweater and a skirt and went about an afternoon of great adventure! My first stop, Piece Unique to see my friends Lisa and Terri. It was just nice to talk to the ladies and feel so loved. If you can find a place like this in your life, you are very lucky. I certainly am!

Then I drove across town in a pouring rain and hit a mall where I shop frequently. I wanted to see my friend Janet, who works at the Dillard’s lingerie department, but she was not working. 🙁 I did see her boss, who has sold me things (the male me) in the recent past. I walked the mall for a bit because I love walking in public. I took note of how I may have been perceived and noticed that no one really looked twice at me. Not bad….

Then I hit the Salvation Army and picked up an adorable yellow skirt for a few bucks.

Finally I hit Aldi’s and picked up quite a few pantry items. A productive day and a day dressed all afternoon.

When I got home, a package I had been waiting for was finally delivered. I was in no hurry to get changed, so I took my time and put all the groceries away. Then I took the package upstairs, got undressed down to my lingerie and opened my new wedding dress! I very rarely buy anything online and I have never before bought anything pre-owned, but this dress is gorgeous, was very cheap (for a wedding dress) and was in my dress size! But alas, I could not get it zipped up (that damn extra rib!). So off I went to a local tailor, but she was closed. I have a budget, so if she’ll alter it within my budget, I’ll do it!! But that will be discussed here soon.

It was nice to step away from life for a while and I am planning a big day tomorrow, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it actually happens. It was nice to be me for a while.


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