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Any Day Spent In a Dress Is a Great Day!

Take a look at the title of this post. Need I say more?

As I was winding through my “stay”cation (pardon the poor cliché), I took a day to myself. I had a number of things to do, so I got dressed and went about my business. On April 30, 2021, I wore this fabulous dress, colorful and girly and all me!

It was a cool day, on and off rain in the morning. I started with a haircut at my salon. To those of you new to Kandi’s Land, I always get dressed and go to the salon. My stylist then removes my wig and cuts my hair, then places it back and off I go! As always, I loved it!!

I then went to my favorite Dillard’s lingerie department and saw my friend Janet. She was so happy to see Kandi (as opposed to grubby me) and gave me a few hugs. I did go well out of my way to do this and was thrilled that I had done so!

Okay, now for a bit of a backstory. I just bought a wedding dress. I went against two things that are bedrock for me. One, I made an online purchase. I rarely do that because if we eliminate brick and mortar, we eliminate both jobs and human interaction. And then Jeff Bezos becomes king of the world, if he isn’t already. Two, I bought a “pre-owned” item. But the dress was (is) gorgeous and in just my size…….except it wasn’t! I got the dress and it was exactly as advertised, but wedding dresses tend to run small and I could not get it zipped up. So I decided to have it altered.

East peasy, right? Uhhh, no. Prom season. Wedding season. I went to a David’s Bridal and was told that I could get a late June alteration appointment. I called another one, same thing. So I did find an alterations place and it was delightful! Basically, they will remove the zipper and replace it with a corset. It’s going to be great! I saw myself in the dress and I have to say, I looked very pretty!! I cannot wait and do have plans for the dress, stay tuned! This whole process ate up much of my afternoon. But then again, who doesn’t love getting undressed, slipping into a wedding gown and having someone else take it all in.

The dress is for a planned photo shoot I have planned, which should be awesome. But I need to take this one step at a time and get the dress right.

It was funny, in searching for somewhere to do the alterations, they all wanted to know when my wedding was as alteration appointments are set based on event date. When I found the place that I did, the woman was great. I alluded to my uniqueness and she was really cool about it. I told her the dress was simply for me, no wedding. She was so sweet, as she set my “wedding” for a couple of weeks out so I would get my dress in a reasonable amount of time. Remember, people are very accepting when you are vulnerable and kind.

I finished my day at Happy Hour. While I sat alone, I still enjoyed my time there, interacting with staff, sitting like a lady, simply being. It was just wonderful!

You think I was happy? And these were taken before I stepped out the door!


8 Responses

  1. Kandi,

    You are one beautiful lady, you cheer all of us, that don’t do out. Your smile is contagious.
    Thank you for all you do.


  2. Just another wonderful Kandi day.
    I love how much you have embraced who you are.
    There are days I wish I had the kind of time you get and put into being the girl you are
    My outings are very few and short but I do enjoy them
    Now that dress is just beautiful and you look great.
    Can’t wait for the wedding hope I don’t cry
    Hugs Rach

  3. Kandi, I love the colors in the dress, so vibrant and playful – a perfect match for your sparkling personality! The wedding dress saga is intriguing, I can’t wait to see the pictures from your shoot.

  4. 1-are you going to tell us how much you paid for the dress?
    2-any plans to wear it out of the home?
    3-bought 1 on E-Bay for (believe it or not) $50. Wore it on Halloween. They had a contest judged by gender. I chickened out and went with the ladies. Might have won with the boys

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