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Be Appropriate (Video Version)

Our second look back.


4 Responses

  1. Another one of the all time greats! Your comment about every single one of the hugs/compliments underlined that the giver knew exactly who you are was particularly important and its subtext was probably one of the best bits of advice we can get – rather than expending time & emotional energy on what we can’t be, concentrate on being the best that we can be.

    Particularly liked the outside outfit and a shout out for the glasses too. Given my own reticence about wearing them, I have to say that they added to the whole feminine effect – I guess it’s an extension to your point about wearing age appropriate things and the majority of women our age wear them. I’ll need to cut down on the pies before I could look as good in that ensemble as you did, though!

  2. Kandi, you look so classy and feminine in those videos as if to emphasize every point you make. Wonderful to watch and learn from the best!

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