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Not Really Feeling It

I have been in a bit of a funk of late, a convergence of many things we all call "life".

I had scheduled a two week vacation and was really looking forward to it. I have not had a two week vacation (outside of my two year “sabbatical”) since probably 2003. I needed the break and was looking forward to some extra Kandi time. I have my marathon upcoming and also wanted to get appropriate rest for that as well. But as you have recently read, Dad called and ended up hospitalized for the bulk of that time off. Life again getting in the way. I am not complaining here, I am simply doing what I do here and telling you about Kandi’s adventures.

I have had opportunities, but simply felt wrong about it for some reason. Plus, I don’t want to get that phone call while out and dressed. But I did take one low risk opportunity to get out.

On April 26, 2021 I had a number of things I had to take care of, but couldn’t do so until late morning. My close shave for the previous day held up pretty well, so I figured I would take advantage of my mask and squeeze a quick outing in! With the mask and sunglasses, I was able to do my makeup quickly and get out the door lickety split. All I did was go in and out of about five stores, only one of which I really needed to go to. Simple outfit, simple day, a nice way to spend a portion of my morning.

I guess I am in some combination of being lazy, simply not wanting to go through the prep process; mentally focused elsewhere (appropriately so); taking advantage of the great weather and playing a lot of pickleball (I love the sense of community and the fact that I am improving greatly); and frankly, having nothing really to do when dressed. I have done a pretty good job of finding ways to get out during the pandemic and have found another volunteer opportunity that starts in May, but now I am simply coming up dry right now.

I did spend a few hours assembling outfits for May. That is always fun and somewhat tiring, pulling things on and off. I love the process of taking a centerpiece, pulling together the rest of the ensemble and then picking the right necklace for it. The rest happens on game day.

I also made an online purchase (I rarely do that) of a used item (I never do that) that could make for a very special day/photo session. Stay tuned on that!

So I continue to do my duty as a son, driving Mom back and forth to the hospital, finding projects around the house and maybe figuring out at least one thing to do on my vacation. I am very happy that a year and a half of constant training for the marathon (almost 2,400 miles and one ruptured Achilles) will be concluded and pray that I achieve my goal (as you may have already read, I did). If not, I’ll have to ramp it all up again later this year. But I need a rest. I have to admit, it felt weird having a few days with literally nothing to do and doing nothing with it.


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  1. Hi Kandi: I read yesterday’s and today’s post this morning. First of all, I am thinking of your family and will pray for your dad. I hope you are able to spend some time with him, either live or virtually (which is definitely not ideal). I hope he is comfortable, and not in pain.
    Your dinner out seemed like a lot of fun. I loved the outfit that day. Looks so well put together. It seems getting out on those 2 days was a welcome break. Having trained for 2 marathons myself, I know the rigours and the strain that can out on one’s body. Good for you for battling through the injuries. I was a little confused though, are you running a marathon in the future or have you already done that. (Maybe both)
    Good luck with the training and I hope you enjoy your time off. Always good to recharge the batteries.

    1. Frannie, first of all, thank you for the well wishes and prayers! This past Sunday I ran a marathon, which allows me the opportunity (no guaranty) to run Boston. Lately, with my dressing opportunities a bit less, each outing is a complete escape and a welcome one at that! Thank you so much my dear friend.

  2. Hi Kandi, Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he’s doing better.
    Wishing you all the best.

  3. As you know my friend I love ladies casual style and yours fits in nicely
    I forgot to congratulate you on your awesome achievement on getting into the marathon I know how much you wanted that
    I wish you could have come to the one we have here in Ft Worth, it’s actually a big one and then maybe we could have met for a girls night.
    Anyway I pray again for you and your family
    Hugs Rachael

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