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A Kandi’s Land Mystery

Enjoy this Kandi's Land mystery......

The following is a fictional tale, starring me!

Our girl has been working hard to make it in the world of showbiz! She has tried her hand in the movies. She has tried her comedy skills on-stage and gone into the studio to make beautiful music!

She is working hard to stay in shape as we all know how important looks are in Hollywood!

Then one day she was accused of a heinous crime! But we all know who really did it…..

She was unjustly booked and had to defend herself in court!

Here you see her mug shot, it’s just not right.

But once she was acquitted of the false charges, she hired the best attorney around who made sure the right party was made to pay for the crime!

It helps to have a good attorney as she now enjoys the results of her wrongful conviction lawsuit.

The morale of the story? There is none, I just love these pictures!!


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