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7 Ways You Can Suffer if Your TRUTH is Out of Balance

Get out those thinking caps.....

It’s very challenging to achieve balance in life specific to your TRUTH.   Your TRUTH is how you see yourself.  It’s your perception of your personal reality.  There’s your reality and there’s the reality. Some believe it’s impossible to have a balanced life when your TRUTH is in conflict with your current life situation and “the reality”.

This is especially true if you’re committed to succeeding at the highest level. Maybe that’s true, but most people don’t need to become a billionaire or a movie star to consider themselves successful.  You can still work in aspects of your TRUTH regarding your true self in order to hold gender dysphoria at bay.

As much as I’d love to bend “the reality” to “my reality”, there’s limitations that we need to accept in order to function in a society of other people.  This can cause gender dysphoria for many.

Reality and a balanced TRUTH can coexist. However, you can’t afford to waste any of your time. 

A TRUTH that’s out of balance includes some degree of suffering and can often lead to catastrophic results:

    1. Financially. When your TRUTH is out of whack, you can spend too much money. If you’re working hard day after day, it’s common to think that you deserve to enjoy your life, so you whip out your wallet and buy your femme items.  This can easily add up.  Unfortunately, it’s easy to outspend your income. The pleasure you get from spending money also doesn’t last for long.

        ◦ On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re not paying enough attention to your TRUTH, your sanity is likely to take a hit.  Fi d a happy balan e for you.

        ◦ Putting too much or too little attention on any one thing can have negative implications both financially and otherwise.

    2. Health. If your TRUTH is out of balance, you’re likely to suffer from excessive amounts of stress. You can also suffer from insomnia. Your health is one of the first things to go downhill when your TRUTH is out of balance.

    3. Your relationship with your friends and family can suffer. One of the other casualties of an out-of-balance TRITH is your relationship with other people. Whether it’s your spouse, partner, children, friends, or other family members, your relationships can suffer.

        ◦ Consider the consequences of damaging your relationship with your spouse and children. Are the other things you’re spending time on worth it?  The answer will vary with everyone and there’s no right or wrong answer. Just what’s right for your you and your TRUTH.

    4. You don’t have time for the things you enjoy. Do you love to watch football? Go out with the ladies for a GNO on Thursdays?  Crossdress in private in your basement? An out of balance life lacks the time necessary to enjoy thi gs that make you happy and let off stress from your psyche.

    5. Your mood suffers. Are you cranky, intolerant, angry, or feeling hopeless? Your TRUTH might be out of balance. People with an out of balance TRUTH often resent the time that people and unrelated activities require.

Personally, if I don’t dress up every few days, I feel irritable.  I have to let my female side out.  Once I do, I feel much better.

        ◦ It’s not easy to feel good when your TRUTH is out of whack. A consistent bad mood is a terrible burden to carry, for you and everyone around you. Everyone suffers when a family member is miserable.

    6. You lose the ability to focus. A lack of sleep, horrible diet, no exercise, and no social life can tear down your ability to focus your attention productively. As your mind and body wear down, you can’t stay on task as well.

Remember, the feeling always comes back.

        ◦ You’re also spending too much brain power focused on other things. If you’re eating dinner with your family, but lost in your thoughts, you’re not focusing on sharing a meal with your family.

    7. You either won’t take or can’t enjoy a vacation as your true self 24/7. 


I’ve personally gone on 7 day cruises as Gwen the entire time. I even check in and out as Gwen.  It’s the thrill of a lifetime and one I’d recommend.  Even if it’s a shorter time.  You’ll get to know yourself better.  No one knows you, so no worries there.

A TRUTH VACATION is like a supercharger that’ll help you discover more about yourself.

If you can’t, or won’t, make time for a TRUTH vacation, your life may stay out of balance. This can be a great test to determine if your TRUTH is under control.

Do you think your TRUTH is unbalanced? Plan a vacation and see what happens!

Is your life out of balance? What changes can you make in order to bring it back into balance? It can be a real challenge to maintain balance in your life, but the consequences of failing to be balanced can be severe.

Remember how important your health, relationships, and happiness are to you. Where would you be without them?

Take action today to bring your TRUTH back into balance! You’ll be so glad you did!

Be Strong ????

Dr. Gwen Patrone


One Response

  1. Gwen,
    You can either call it the ” Truth” or perhaps “Perception ” .
    While shopping for clothes I perceive myself , I have a mental picture of what I might look like , it’s only when checking in the mirror you see how different your ” truth ” is compared with the actual ” truth” . Sometimes it matches which is wonderful and sometimes your metal picture is way off the mark . ( As a side question do you still make the purchase if it’s marked down in a sale ? ).

    It is very hard for transgender people to discover the truth , so many obstacles blur our vision . Perhaps we should stand back and consider how complex our lives are , we may struggle with our own ” truth” and even when we can find ourselves the world is filled with people suffering from their own misconceptions .
    It maybe also worth considering what other people believe to be our true selves could be way off the mark , to a point we are all guilty of reading a book by it’s cover . How did someone get a promotion when they may not have been the ideal candidate ?
    Should we feel guilty if we kid ourselves sometimes ? As a self employed photographer I know I pushed my boundaries on occasions , scary at times but usually paid off . So should we consider that our “truth” is flexible , so that begs the question can we always truly know oursleves ? Sould we reconsider our ” truth ” on a regular basis ? More to the point we need to consider and act on the circumstances that shape our ” truth ” . I’m sure some will agree that acting on them can mean some tough and painful decisions .

    All I can add is I’m glad I made those decisions , finding me was fundamental in finding happiness . As you say a miserable person is like one rotten apple in the barrel , it affects everyone .

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