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Without Kandi….

I'll be running my essays now on Thursdays.

I would not have run, competitively, 137 races in five years (really four since COVID wiped out 2020). All distances. I actually did win, overall, one 5K, one of the first races I ever ran.

I would not have run four marathons, with a Boston Marathon qualifying time in my back pocket.

I would not be playing pickleball. You can laugh if you want, but the sense of community and the friends I have made have been wonderful. I was volunteering one day (I only do so as Kandi), met someone who lived in the same development as we do, trusted her and she introduced me to the game. This pulled me and my liver through the pandemic with some level of sanity.

I would not be the generally happy person that I am.

I would not be a very small part of the fabric of The Cleveland Museum of Art.

I would not have made some of the wonderful friends I have, would not know some of the amazing people I have met. I would not have spent a day shopping for a dress for a wedding with Wendy after having visited my dear friend Lisa.

I would not know how to properly love and be loved. I would not tell people I love them often, as I never said those words before. I would not have let my Dad know I loved him before he passed.

I would not know that feeling when an outfit looks so good, when a dress fits you so well, when you pick just the right shoes!

I would not know what true acceptance really feels like.

I would not be jonesing for my next movie opportunity! Oh yeah, I am under consideration for a Netflix feature film!!!!!

There would be no Kandi’s Land!

I might slow down a bit……

I might have more time in my life without all the shaving, hours of preparation, driving all over the place, outfit assembly….

Would not have the feelings of guilt that never seem to completely go away.

Would not have developed this writing “muscle”, which may or may not do me any good anyway.

May never have yet taken a selfie.

I would certainly miss her!

I had the most amazing hour and a half on my own yesterday! The results of which will be added over the coming days to the Gallery page. Check it out and keep an eye on it over the next few days. I am so proud of this. If you look up the word “Joy” in the dictionary, you will see these pictures. And my first video is there too!!


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    1. Rach, Take a look at the top of that page and you’ll see where the pictures were taken. Many more to come and a post about it very soon!!

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