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White Noise

Movie no. 3!

Back in September of last year, I told the story of my first paid acting role, The Life of An Actress. The movie, White Noise, has been making the film festival circuit and is now playing in a handful theaters before running on Netflix (it is a Netflix production). I read that the budget ballooned to $140 million. This is a true big budget film!

December 3, 2022 I purchased a ticket for the matinee and enjoyed an afternoon at the movies. The fun part, I AM IN THE MOVIE! You never know if you will make the movie when you are background. Now, I am not in the movie very long and probably only I know that it’s me in that scene, but I am in the movie.

The fun part was that I know quite a few other people in the movie and since it was basically completely shot in the Cleveland area, I saw places that I recognized. And at the screening I attended were fellow cast members, so it was great fun sharing stories. Watching a movie and saying “There’s Kara” or “Hey, it’s Lauren” or “I didn’t know Steven was in the movie”, so much fun!

While driving home I got a bit emotional about all of this. A few years ago, it was inconceivable that I would ever be in a movie. It was beyond inconceivable I would do so as a woman. And that I would continue to get opportunities. Here I am with a few fellow cast members.

Prior to heading to the theater, I had some extra time. It was windy and rainy out. I had the house to myself and had a preshow cocktail, so I was feeling pretty good. Now I know, that sweater is too short for me, but I loved it and no one really saw it since we were all bundled up to get to the theater. So here is a fun little photoshoot I did.

Not a bad Saturday!

December 30 we are live on Netflix!

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  1. Awesome job Kandi!!! Thank for being a positive representation of our community. It’s refreshing to see a girl like to us make it all the way to the top,it’s not a small part,it’s a huge part. Lots of success to you my friend in 2023!!! Love and hugs

    1. Trish, it was amazing, as I wrote about when it happened! I made a very good friend on set, made other friends and acquaintances and the best thing for me is that I was treated in all capacities as a woman, not as a “tranny” or oddity. Regarding the celebrity part, I am far from that, but I may get there one day! Thanks darling!!

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