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Very Liberating!

Going out sans wig.....

Sherry wanted to get together for dinner on January 20, 2022 and I was all in!

I had already planned a day of errands, culminating in a haircut (for the male me). So I made a few adjustments to my day to get out for dinner. The day started fairly early, shooting the third of our Rules of The Road video. I am very much enjoying doing this.

I then spent a few hours at home, dressed, which I do not often do. Then I headed out the door for my haircut. I always dress for a haircut, get there, remove my wig and get my hair cut. This time was no different, but I made one slight request.

I had allowed my hair to grow. My hair never gets long, it just gets thick and unmanageable. If I went ten years between cuts, I believe I would not have shoulder length hair, just a huge tangled mess. But given that I had longer hair, I asked Dana to give me a woman’s cut. If it didn’t work out, we’d just buzz it.

My hair is greying and kind of stringy, not because I don’t care for it, that’s just what I got. Well Dana worked her magic and I made an executive decision, the wig was put away and this girl was going out as herself!

I will say, I have never felt more feminine! I was down right giddy! You will see no photos of me like this, but in our next video, you will see this girl live, up close and personal!

So wigless, before I met Sherry, I went to Ulta. The feeling without the wig was amazing. The weather was awful, as my hair got frequently covered with snow. But walking around Ulta, carefully shopping for makeup, interacting with SAs and customers, all as me was transformative. It was so liberating!

I then went to the shopping area where we we meeting and casually browsed a few stores. It may well have been that there simply were few customers due to the snow, but I was getting smiles and waives from people in the stores and even from stores I simply walked past. Never was who and what I am more obvious.

I sat at the bar glowing before Sher got there. Our dinner was wonderful. Just two girlfriends being girls. I loved it and I love my sister, Sherry. And I loved being so vulnerable, so open, so honest, so feminine, so me. It was amazing.

Will I do it again? Maybe under certain circumstances. I believe that my wig, especially the one in the photos above, does make me a more attractive woman. But for those few hours, I really felt like I a woman and it was a blessing!


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  1. Last year, with COVID and retirement, I went almost 15 months without a haircut. When it started getting long, I played around with curlers, curling irons and styling products and was able to get a pretty good look. I went out a couple times sans-serif wig, shopping and dining. I wholeheartedly agree that presenting female with your natural hair is a totally amazing feminine experience. Alas, my hair has receded and thinned a bit too much, so I’ll have to stick with wigs in the future.

  2. A few years back when I was able to get my hair to grow longer I got it styled several times in a more fem style
    Yes agreed I loved it and I felt so cute.
    But older now and the hair has just thinned to much so wigs are going to be my go to enfem
    However being fluid I can still be a bit more fem looking with a cute hat or something else
    Love your wig Kandi and your right it looks great on you

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