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Travelogue: Dee-Va Las Vegas, Mon-Dee

Our first installment of Dee-Va Las Vegas, Sun-Dee style!

Several months ago, probably in late June, I was reading a blog (probably Micki Finn’s) and there was a reference to Diva Las Vegas, which I knew existed, but hadn’t really crossed my radar screen as to going. I did the Google thing, checked the dates (late October fit my schedule), did a mental WTF– and made plane and hotel reservations before I changed my mind.

As to gatherings like Dee-Va Las Vegas, I am of two minds. The angel side says it’s an opportunity to dress multiple days in a row in a fun setting. The devil side says you believe in the Groucho Marx adage “I wouldn’t want to belong to a club that would have me as a member”, and I tend to be somewhat hesitant in situations where I don’t know people. In the end I compromised and listened to my angel side to attend AND to pack my “devil may care” clothes, because, as we all know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

I decided five days was about the right length; fly out Mon-Dee and return Fri-Dee. Southwest–winter snafus aside, my choice of airlines–had a Mon-Dee afternoon non-stop going out and a late afternoon non-stop returning Fri-Dee. Having “flown pretty” before (thanks again for the term, Kimberly Huddle!), I decided I’d take only Dee clothes, so if I was going out in Vegas, it would be in Dee mode.

With a runway of multiple months before the week in Vegas–and a series of three triathlons, and a 10K the Sun-Dee before I flew out–I began training with the dual goal of 1) lower race times and 2) looking slinkier in my fun clothes. Both are carrots at the end of my stick. I won my age group–and a pumpkin pie as the award for top three–in the 10K, so my week started on a good note.

As to looking slinkier, I will let you judge from the pictures….:😀

The first Mon-Dee in October, I had a fun day out shopping at Clothes Mentor and Plato’s Closet with my GG friends Michelle and Ms. Dee-ism. For Ms. Dee-ism, the only person in my boy world I’ve told about Dee, it was the first time she had seen me in person (I’ve sent her tons of pictures, though–I will eventually get around to writing about the shopping trip, so stay tuned). While shopping with them, I bought a top and skirt combination, and I immediately knew when I bought it I would wear the combo on the flight out, as a visible tribute to their friendship and support (and because I looked good in the outfit).

I spent a good part of Sunday afternoon after my race deciding what to take–or more accurately, what to leave behind. I knew I was taking more than I would have a chance to wear, but you never know what mood might strike. 

Mon-Dee morning I arrived at Michelle’s salon at 10:30 to get some last minute touch-ups (fingernails and some waxing), but sadly the prior Friday a car crash cost the life of the best friend of Michelle’s older daughter.  Michelle was understandably shaken up and recovering from the loss. Instead we hugged and talked and she just quickly did my nails. I dressed and headed to the airport. Both Michelle and Ms. Dee-ism liked my outfit. 

The light rail trip to the airport, checking in and going through security, were all routine, although dragging two suitcases and two carry-ons in a skirt and booties is always interesting. The flight and cab ride to the LINQ was uneventful. The LINQ had digital check-in, so I didn’t need to worry about dealing with the check-in staff (although those things don’t worry me these days as I have done it enough times without an issue). 

My original plan was to meet a group for dinner at one of the Fremont Street casinos, but as the cab ride from the airport encountered a lot of traffic (there is a Formula One Race through downtown Las Vegas in three weeks, and the preparation work has a number of streets closed), I wasn’t up for another cab ride. I changed into a dress I bought during the same shopping trip with Michelle and Ms. Dee-ism, and found a place to eat in walking distance of the LINQ. In a nod to hostess Kan-Dee, of course I ate at the bar. 

As it became late early in Las Vegas (Las Vegas is two hours behind my normal central time), after dinner I returned to my hotel to get ready for Tues-Dee. Read about that next week….


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  1. The extra training always pays off, even if your time or silhouette aren’t reduced! Looking forward to reading more about your trip!

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