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I was exhausted just posting this...

I went on a Pub Crawl in Madrid. I suppose WENT is more like stumbled upon which would be more accurate. I was looking for a place to hang out and was striking out. I decided to stop at a place called X bar and had a glass of wine. Kinda slow but it was great to take a load off my feet. I left and was heading back to my room when I passed a bar called CATS BAR. 

WTF WOW That’s interesting. It’s a hostel. Who knew. The receptionist said, “There is a flamenco show in a few minutes, why don’t you stay?”. I did and it was beautiful. I then had a glass of wine and discovered there was music pumping up from the basement and person after person were going downstairs. 

What the hey. Let’s see what it is. Trying not to fall going down the stairs, I was remined how narrow so much of Europe is. The “CAT POWER CLUB” is more like a tunnel, laced with brick walls with a bar at one end. 

After about 15 minutes the BEER PONG table came out and I witness my first beer pong game with four young studs feeling their masculinity. That’s when I first heard of the Pub Crawl. I had no idea what that was but it sounded fun so I paid 20 euros and I was in.  

Lucky me. I met many wonderful people. We started at CATS BAR and went to 3 or 4 others. I can’t remember how many. I got a free shot at each. Maybe that’s why. But anyway, I love dancing, music and the energy. I’m somewhat of a curiosity I suppose but no worries. 

Gwen’s a big girl and can handle it. A handsome guy came up to me and asked if he could kiss me because his table of other guys dared him. He explained he was getting married in a week. It hadn’t been the first time dare was made similar to that. 

I guess some may have been pissed or offended. I just rolled with it, turned to the entire table of guys and gave them the finger with a wide smile and giggle so they knew I wasn’t serious. Then I laughed, grabbed him and gave him a great chest bump and kissed him. 

As Forest Gump would say, “That’s all I can say about that.” The same guy came up to me at another bar (Pub Crawl) and gave me a hug and said, in broken English, “I respect you for standing up for who you are”. He went on to say, “Some of my friends still hold on to outdated values. I lost part of my leg last year (points to his leg which was a steel prosthetic), and I have had similar challenges rediscovering myself”.  

Wow. It goes to show you to not prejudge. I also met two other girls who befriended me and we hung out all night. Add two guys from Netherlands and then a girl I met waiting in line who loved my story. She was from Switzerland. 

Oh, and the two next to her were two beauties from Mexico. I met a table of five Philippine girls. They were so pretty with smiles from ear to ear. They were boob level height and fascinated with mine. Being that they are on the larger side, they asked if they could touch them. “Uhhh sure”. 

It’s funny how cautious other girls act when touching another girls boobs. They don’t know what to expect. Maybe it’s that I’m Trans and they don’t know how they’d feel. “OMG, they’re so soft”, and she immediately rested her head on them. “I think I can sleep here.” 

Fast forward, a few minutes later we were all dancing to a fun song. I jumped to the music and lets just say my bra wasn’t tight enough and they slipped out from under the bra! Sweat will do that to a girl. I frantically reached under my top and put them back while laughing uncontrollably. If you know me, I love to laugh, even at myself. Laughter keeps you young. 

I’ll not mention names of who I met for privacy reasons or maybe it’s because I could barely hear their names through the music or maybe it’s the blurring effect of tequila shots. 

Well, fast forward to 4 am and my feet were singing. I walked back to my AirBnB. It was interesting walking through town with silence and practically no one around. I suppose I should have been nervous walking like that but no time to worry. 

I used my MAPS on my phone. Great, only 5 minutes but after 5 minutes it discovered it was in car mode not walking mode. 

Ugh…. feet don’t fail me meow.  Wow, CAT POWER. 

I love it. Surely a night I’ll remember. 


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  1. Gwen ,
    What a great story and to think the only damge done was to your complaining feet !

    Being trans can be a great release , stepping out of that restricted male mode to be the truthful YOU ! I soon discovered that people are intrigued by us , what really makes us tick and to a point we are treading ground others wish they could tread .
    Being kissed by a guy ? Ok in the right circumstances it does happen , I recall a Xmas party where a bearded guy took a sprig of mistletoe to give us all a kiss . This was much to the amusement of his wife because she knew he wasn’t aware all of us were trans girls .
    I love travelling in Europe , there are so few borders ( despite Brexit ) for most people , you never know what nationality you may be talking to , the fact is most are so friendly .

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