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Are you ready to take that leap? 

By our esteemed Dr. Gwen Patrone

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads, torn between the person you currently are and the one you deeply desire to be? It’s a path many in our community walk.

Think about it: often, the most authentic version of ourselves lies just beyond a daunting wall of fear. But let’s ask ourselves, why should we let fear dictate who we get to be? Fear, in its essence, is like a shadow. It’s our mind’s way of projecting into the future, turning all those unknowns into big, scary monsters. 

But imagine, just for a second, if we could flip that script. What if we could transform that fear into a guiding light, leading us straight to our true, vibrant selves? Tackling fear isn’t about pretending it’s not there. It’s about recognizing it, giving it a nod, and then using it as a catalyst for our own personal revolution. 

Fear is not the real enemy here; staying stuck in a place where we don’t belong is. When our heart races with fear, it’s a signal, a beacon, that we’re about to step out of our comfort zones – and that, my friends, is where the magic of self-discovery and growth happens. 

Here’s the heart of the matter: the only thing standing between you and embracing your full, authentic self is the narrative you’re spinning in your head. It’s time to rewrite that script. Fear isn’t the end of the road; it’s the very spot where our true journey begins. 

So, to all my amazing transgender and crossdressing pals, let’s not turn away from our fears. Let’s harness them. Let’s let them propel us forward into the arms of who we truly are. Remember, fear is just a bunch of ‘what ifs’ floating in our heads about a future that hasn’t even unfolded yet. 

By shifting our mindset, we don’t just overcome fear; we transform it into a stepping stone, a milestone towards our true identity. Don’t wait for fear to diminish or disappear before making your move. 

Embrace the fear, step out with it, knowing that beyond it lies the life you’ve been yearning for, a life where you can be unabashedly you. Your true self, your deepest, most genuine identity, is out there waiting. 

Are you ready to step up and meet it? 

And remember, throughout this journey of self-discovery and transformation, you’re not alone. 

This community, our community, is here, walking this path with you, cheering you on every step of the way. We’re here to support, to uplift, and to celebrate each other in all our diverse and splendid glory. 

So let’s be bold, let’s be brave. 

Let’s paint our lives with the colors of our true selves. Your dreams, your true identity, are not just fantasies. They’re within reach, waiting for you to grasp them. 

 Are you ready to take that leap? 


5 Responses

  1. This is a marvelous post Gwen – and I thank you so much for it! In so many areas of my life – not just embracing my feminine side. Fear has been what has held me back and at times I have been a prisoner of it. Finally realizing it has helped me to grow even now at age 72. It has been quite a revelation, and it is so great to see it articulated here!

  2. “Here’s the heart of the matter: the only thing standing between you and embracing your full, authentic self is the narrative you’re spinning in your head.”

    So true Gwen. As a therapist friend of mine once said, humans are all too willing to believe the exaggerations and misconceptions that we conjure up in our brains. For some, it is very difficult to disconnect from that narrative.


  3. Fear is a part of life. We all have fear throughout our lives at different times. If you have children you teach them to deal with fear, riding a bike, trying out for something, being accepted, etc. Our fears are different but they can be ovecomed. When I think back of going out for the first time enfemme, I remembered how afraid I was. But here I am over 40 years later and I have done things that I was so afraid of.

  4. Gwen,
    To overcome fear we may do something that is stupid to some and brave to others , have we not made similar comments to others ? My ex-wife considered my dressing behaviour as totally stupid because she was living with her fears of what it meant , for many years I also lived her fears , so we not only have to deal with our own fears but those of others .

    Fiona mentioned seeking the help of therapists , how many of us have sought their help to deal with other people’s problems as well as our own .

    We mustn’t consider fear as a weakness , it’s also there for self preservation , sadly transgender people have been singled out and injured , we do need to take extra care .

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