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On March 3, 2022, I met with two friends, one of which you know, the other you do not. A local girl reached out recently and introduced herself and we agreed to meet to get to know each other a bit. She was only able to me as he, my other friend joined in as himself and then me. Now I took the opportunity expand upon something I had done once before. Go out without my wig! I was generally pleased with the result.

This is now how my hair looks 24/7, except that I will have difficulty making look like this. I continue my evolution.

The dinner was wonderful! It was simply nice to meet someone new and get to know them. After we completed our get together, I stood up to leave, turned around and a woman was behind me and told me she loved my jacket and that we (my friend you know and I) were cute! Great way to end a great dinner!!

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