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Space Jam!


July 15, 2021 was such a long and wonderful day! I got in my car at 7:00AM and did not return to the garage until 9:00PM. I was dressed the entire time and had never been so unaware of being dressed. It was whirlwind day that I will not soon forget!

I worked a premier event in Akron for Space Jam: A New Legacy! The event was held by the LeBron James Foundation and it was spectacular. We had four showings of the film in this glorious, newly renovated theater. As is often the case, I knew no one walking in the door.

It was easily the longest day I have even spent dressed and I held up pretty well, but was thoroughly exhausted after our 13 hour work day was over. I was part of a sixteen person crew, really only two of us being adults, so I ended up helping organize and herding the cats, so to speak.

My principal role was the main greeter and doorperson into the theater. We probably had well over 7,000 guests and I would estimate I greeted at least 6,500 of them. I probably laughed for a good six hours of the day, smiling almost all day. It was pure delight!

Over the course of the day, six people knew me (none associated with the event), some from years back, a few whom I never interacted with. It just demonstrated that I am always noticed and generally in a very positive light! That made me feel so good.

It was an amazing experience, the kids, the connections I made, all the wonderful people there for the movie, helping run the event, the folks from the Foundation, the ushers at the theater, not a single negative vibe all day.

Everyone interacted with me just like anyone else. We know that’s the way it should be, but we also know that is not the way it is, but I have found someway to “normalize” who and what I am. That pleases me. No one is shocked or set back when they meet me, many are drawn to me. Not bragging, just the truth. It is my comfort with myself that makes that possible.

I smiled at adults. I joked with kids of all ages. I interacted with all ethnicities. I was quite a carnival barker at the evening’s VIP showing. I met people that I will never forget, I saw things that made me cry. I am again so humbled by the humanity of people, real, actual people out there. It was also wonderful to have an event that wasn’t colored by the pandemic.

So here was my favorite moment of the day. The kids in these costumes were fabulous!

You can see from these pictures, I am not the prettiest. I am not mistaken for something I am not. It is all about presentation and confidence. What you project to others is generally projected right back at you.

Between just two events, this one and one a few year back at the art museum, I got my face in front of well over 10,000 people. Not bad…..


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  1. Did you get read by many of the children, or adults for that matter? The youngsters are usually the worst. I must say you do look the part.

    1. I cannot explain it, but no one every “reads” me, per se. Yes, they know I am not a woman, especially when I open my mouth. But the broad smile generally turns every interaction I have into a very positive one. A high percentage of the patrons greeted me warmly and many played along with me and my fellow co-workers treated me better than if the 60 year old man that I am showed up! Thanks dear!!

  2. Very nice Kandi, I’ve got a question
    When you do these events have you ever wondered if you would see someone that only knows the male you and may recognize you at such a public event?
    How would you handle that?

    1. Rach, that would depend upon who that is. Having now done this in front thousands and thousands of people, I know how to keep my eyes open and avoid any real problem. The truth of the matter is, I could careless. I always have an explanation ready in the event that ever happens. Frankly, it is easier to not get noticed in a grows of a few thousand people than walking alone in a sparsely crowded mall or something like that. I hide in plain sight. Great question, Rach!!

      Truthfully, I am just really good at this.

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