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Pretty Toes and Chicago

Dee, getting it done again!

A Dee-peat!

Michelle, my frequent guest star, owns a local spa and salon (we met three years ago when she did my nails prior to training pretty to Chicago). I recently mentioned to her about getting a pedicure, so she promptly scheduled me for one. Besides getting some pretty toes, it gave us a chance to catch up.

I chose a Princess Highway dress I bought in March in Australia, right before the virus hit the fan. It was my first time wearing it out. As with many Princess Highway dresses, it’s bright and cheery.

Michelle gave me the Princess treatment, an hour of chatting, trimming, shaping, buffing, and finally painting my toes with a dark red, a color she chose. After a couple of photos, I had to depart for my next appointment (at the dentist, not nearly as much fun–and yes I changed back to guy mode before my appointment).

The following day I drove my son to Chicago to attend some classes while he stays with my sister. After an overnight stay, I headed home, albeit with a slight detour. I changed and did my makeup in my car and headed to the Nordstrom at Oakbrook Mall, where I had not been before.

Nordstrom was having their annual anniversary sale, and as usual, I wasn’t looking for anything in particular. I wore my favorite blue dress, one I bought during that prior train trip to Chicago. I also wore my blue wedges, so I could show off my recently painted toes.

I found a few things to try on, including another jumpsuit that caught my eye. Nothing I tried on screamed “buy me”. I walked over to the Macy’s at the other end of the “mall” (it’s an outdoor mall, and it was warm and sunny, not a good combination when wearing a wig), but their dressing rooms were closed, so I didn’t stay long–plus I had a five hour drive home.

I thought about driving home dressed, but decided it would be easier to change in the covered parking garage. That decision proved to be wise. After driving about an hour and a half, I had a flat tire. I don’t think I would have enjoyed changing the flat in a dress.

Dee, gettin’ it done again!


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  1. Dee, you look divine dahhhling!!!!! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself in Oakbrook. When I started going out in the beginning, I would frequent that mall, because it’s outside and on a spring afternoon I had a blast.

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