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My Aching Back……

Ever have a great day and a painful day all at the same time?

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday….misery! Wednesday, October 13, 2021, go to the doctor. I had to gut out my work week and booked an appointment for the next day. My day had been planned to have some more laser done on my face in the morning and then go to improv that evening and I had hoped to do all of this. I scheduled the doctor’s appointment in the middle of those activities and selected the perfect fall outfit for the day! An adorable denim dress and a cute sweater. Perfect! I ended up dressed for about 13 hours.

I made my morning appointment without makeup, but wearing a mask made doing something else possible, so I stopped and did a little shopping. Hey I was out, right? I then returned home and took care of a few things and got myself in proper order for my doctor visit.

You know you have a great doctor when she walks in to the exam room saying “What a pretty dress!”. We talked about why I was there and what we would do going forward. She then sent me down the hall to radiology for an x-ray.

Again, I notice and cherish moments. Two women take me back for my x-ray and ask me to “remove my dress” and put on a gown. I still get chills when I am treated like this is no big deal (because this really is no big deal). One of the ladies complimented me on my bracelet. I joked after I got redressed that I should have worn a dress with fewer buttons.

I decided to finish my plans, despite the continued back pain. Driving a car with a heated seat was so helpful. I had a flatbread and a “muscle relaxant” AKA a Manhattan or two as I chatted with my dear friend the bartender. I then had my improv class. We had a substitute, so it was fun, but not the same. I finally returned home, updated my wife on my back and got cleaned up, slipped into my nightie and went to bed!

I cleaned up my e-mail, etc. before the clean up and had received an e-mail from the television reporter who had interviewed me at the fashion show, asking if I would be interested in her doing a story on me. Stay tuned on that front.

The back situation required continued trimming of my planned schedule. On October 14, 2021, I had scheduled an interview for my very first (hopefully soon to be) published article in Northeast Ohio Weddings magazine! We’ll get to all of that soon. I canceled a volunteer activity for this day but felt I should do the interview.

To briefly summarize the day, I conducted the interview with a delightful wedding planner and then grabbed some dinner and headed home. Navigating the ins and outs of the car were excruciating. But two things I ask you to notice here. The outfit, thrift perfection! Now understanding the pain I was in, you can see how joyful this all is because if you look at these, you simply see a very happy woman. She shuffled away like an 80 old when the photos were done……

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4 Responses

  1. Oh love the red blouse and patterned skirt so pretty

    A tv interview hummm that could be fun but would you be concerned about someone knowing who you are?

    Sure hope your back gets better

    1. Rach, that is probably why the report will never happen, I insisted that my identity be protected.

      The back gets a little better every day, thank you!

  2. Kandi, you have a talent for putting outfits together and accessorising them well. I also like the fact that your skirt lengths are usually not too short. You also smile in most of your photos, which must be worth bonus points.
    Best Wishes,
    Penny from Edinburgh

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