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Juror #7

My first movie hits the silver screen!

That’s me!! My first movie shoot! My first movie credit! Seeing myself on the big screen for the first time! I actually had two roles in this movie. Juror #7 in a murder trial. I am in the first few minutes of the movie. I also played a wedding attendee. I am then in the final few minutes of the movie. Estimated screen time less that a minute. But I am in a movie!!

June 12, 2022 was the premier of “Trapped“. It was so much fun. I saw some of my friends and fellow actors. I saw people that knew me from other movies. I saw friends from the local fashion community. My friend Kathy was there, she got the line I missed when I went to the ladies room. Oh well…..

The red carpet was indoors, not that big, but for me it was amazing! I went all out in my presentation, with this lovely size 6 (sorry, I had to say that) LBD and I am starting to like being a brunette again.

I took a lot of pictures, they tell the story better than I could. After the movie, a few of my co-stars and their husbands and I went out for dinner. This whole experience made me so very happy!


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  1. I am SO happy to see you on the red carpet for this movie premiere. The dress is fabulous (so jealous of the size!) and I love your silver heels to coordinate with the belt and jewelry. Here’s to many more Kandi moments on the big screen! ❤

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