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You are destined to become your true self. Becoming the best version of yourself is your purpose. Be free and liberate yourself from fear and hesitation.

It’s natural for you to learn, grow, and develop into your ideal self. Be comfortable with what you’re becoming.


Recognize that the only obstacle to your development is YOU. Get out of your own way and allowing your best qualities to shine through.

Everyone benefits when you’re at your best!

You’ll greatly benefit from this journey, and others benefit as well. Your family, friends, coworkers, and even the casual acquaintances in your life are better off when you become a true version of yourself.

Your inner flower is beckoning…  


You’ll also come to notice that you’ll be kinder, happier, and more generous to yourself and others when you show your best qualities.

Criticism from others doesn’t phase you because you’re free from the criticism of others. There may be a few people that try to stand in your way as you’re evolving into your true self, but pay them no mind because it’s now easy for you to ignore these people. You’re comfortable with who you are and who you’re becoming.


Being your true self and living your truth is better in every way. Feel safe while you take a giant step forward in your personal journey.  

Your vision will be much clearer when you release the shackles of doubt and choose to be more today than you were yesterday. You’ll come to understand you’re evolving in a positive direction with each moment.

👉Who do you want to become? 

👉What characteristics and habits do you have as your true self?

💪What is preventing you from becoming the person you most want to be? 

💪What do you believe is in your way?

👉What can you do today to take one step toward becoming the person you want to be?

These are questions that will take some time to ponder and fully answer.  You may want to edit them often as new awarenesses become apparent.

I’d love to see some of your answers. Please post them in the comments section.

Be Strong. 💪 

Dr. Gwen Patrone 



One Response

  1. Even late in life, I find myself still pondering such questions as these. So lets see if I can answer the questions you posed above:

    Who do you want to become?

    👉What characteristics and habits do you have as your true self? Habits are easier to identify: 1) fairly good physical self care, fairly neglectful of emotional self care. 2) habitual worrying about the state and fate of the world. 3) a tendency to procrastinate, which I am told may reflect an intrinsic fear of failure (deferring action on those things I fear I will fail at)

    Characteristics are more difficult for me to objectively assess. Various personality assessments have suggested that I am extroverted, creative, flexible, and a problem-solver. I don’t feel particularly extroverted, but others disagree. I know I have a tendency to withhold and be deceptive about myself, perhaps to make myself look better or to avoid admitting weaknesses.

    💪What is preventing you from becoming the person you most want to be?
    Perhaps, fear of failure coupled with a fear of losing those that I value.

    💪What do you believe is in your way? Doubt

    👉What can you do today to take one step toward becoming the person you want to be? There are plenty of things I can do to become more of the person I want to be. First would be to overcome inertia, and start tackling things I have been putting off.

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