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Faye, My Amazing Friend!

I am awestruck by this, read on!

I received the following email September 22, 2023 and will never be the same (in a fabulous way).

Hi my darling friend and sister,

Yesterday I celebrated the anniversary of my first day working with a wonderful employer and a group of lovely ladies, several of whom have become very close friends. 

If I was to select a highlight of the past year then it would be the invitation to tender my CV for the position of recreational manager. It was a position that I had previous experience in, though in a voluntary capacity. My references were drawn from my church work and my work within the local library. My employer for over 30 years refused to give a reference because they were not aware of having employed a Faye Roberts, this was despite them being aware of my now chosen name, I suppose you cannot win them all!!!

The outcome was that the seven other applicants and myself attended three interviews until only myself and two other women reached the final stage. Throughout the previous interviews there had been much wishing of “May the best woman win” as we all sat waiting to go in for a one to one interview with the care home management, on this day the silence was deafening and we all three took a seat a distance from each other. We smiled in recognition and apart from an initial checking of each other’s outfits we sat waiting to be beckoned to the interview room.

I was the second to be called and after 45 minutes it was over. It was a long week before I received a call that I had, on the day, been the successful applicant.

A fortnight later I nervously started my first day and eight hours later I left walking on cloud 9. I couldn’t honestly have been accepted as a woman if I had been born female, though I suppose technically I was in so many ways!!!

Now one year on I am thinking about the hugs I have received from the ladies I care for and their relatives, sons and daughters who have themselves told me of their appreciation. 

I am surrounded by my sisters, their daughters (I was the only male born on my maternal side of the family for many years, so read into that what you conclude 😂)

In 2017 I was close to serious depression, now in 2023 I am a confident woman working full time, running a home and with a good social life. Maybe after reading my first blog from Kandi I sensed a better life could be out there, so I volunteered, the church, art centre, theatre (sound familiar Kandi?).  I send many hugs of love and appreciation to you, not only as a friend, but as both a sister and a woman.

Thank you, thank you. 

Hopefully your still awake after reading my ramblings 😂😂

Your sister,


My response…..


Excuse me, let me wipe away the literal tears of joy!  And BTW, I rarely cry, although I wish I could do so more often. 

Wow, you are one amazing lady!  And to think I had one percent of one percent of one percent to do with your happiness!  If I never do anything again in my life, this validates everything I believe.  We are separated by an ocean and a few time zones, but we will forever be sisters.  I am beaming with pride in what you have accomplished.

We will never meet, but I love you more than you can imagine.  I can envision getting together for tea, both of us in our Easter-best, gorgeous hats, everyone looking at us with envy.

Thank you so much for this tremendously uplifting message.

God bless you; He has blessed me with our friendship.

An awestruck Kandi

Whatever you may think about me, whatever this place means to you, whatever your worries or fears are, we have a bond unlike anything else (outside of those that actually risk their lives to help or protect others) that exists.

Keep the community going! Let’s build something amazing! Conversations are underway to make some changes here, evolve the blog into a more communal place. I have no expectations to “profit” from the blog. I want to simply break even as there are real out-of-pocket costs I incur. My time….meaningless. So I will seek to streamline things, eliminate whatever ads I can afford and maybe boost the shopping links. The shopping links are less invasive, but some form of revenue is necessary to keep Kandi’s Land moving forward.


6 Responses

  1. Faye,
    Truly an amazing story and I am so happy that you found your place! It is definitely a maturation of your mind, body, and soul. Friends and acceptance are wonderful ❤️.
    Stay beautiful -Sherry

  2. Thanks to Faye for sharing her experience. My key takeaway from Faye and Kandi is that there are ways for us to engage in the community and meet interesting people by volunteering with charitable organizations, book clubs, or whatever suits your interests. One can only shop so much and only drink so much wine!

  3. Kandi,
    Faye brings one word to mind , ” BELIEF ” she truly believed in herself . Despite not being given the support she should have had from her previous employer she won through as the best person for the job in her newly assigned gender . Did she bring another dimension to the job ? Perhaps she is the only one who can answer that , I feel it’s a strength or extra dimension we can offer if we are given the opportunity . Stories like this are so inspiring , to those that think all this isn’t possible dig deep and be truthful to yourselves and it can happen , I never believed I could do it but 6 years later life is so good .

    Well done Faye , I hope we might meet one day assuming you are UK based .

  4. That is a truly heartwarming story Faye. And kudos to those who hired you for looking past the fact that you are a trans woman and concentrating on the important issues, namely your qualifications and how you handled yourself in the interviews. You are now in a very enviable position. You get to bring some happiness into people’s lives who really need it and in turn you get to enjoy their warm feelings of acceptance and gratitude. I wish you all the best.


  5. That is so beautiful and congratulations to Faye and her sister, Kandi. I think Kandi has impacted many of us in ways she may not realize. She’s certainly made a world of difference in my life and I’ll forever love and appreciate her as my wonderful and kind big sister who means so much to me.

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