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Embrace Your Distinctiveness

A reminder of our individual personal worth.

As I reflect on the past year, certain aspects resonate deeply. A particular word stands out.

It’s not “PRIDE” as you might guess.

The term that truly resonates is “UNIQUE”. As I interact with the community, I was taken aback by the myriad shades and hues of uniqueness, each representing the distinctiveness that makes our community so vibrant.

Celebrate yourself for the differences you embody. You are perfectly crafted, and that in itself is a reason for PRIDE.


Your unique perspective and gifts are yours alone to share with the world. Embrace and utilize them to create positive ripples.

The beauty in being uniquely YOU is undeniable, within our PRIDE community and beyond.

While we cherish our LGBTQ FAMILY collectively, we also appreciate each individual for their distinctiveness, different from the next and from ourselves.

You play a vital role in weaving the LGBTQ tapestry. Whenever adversity strikes, harness your inner resilience to overcome and thrive.

In tough times, remind yourself of your inherent worth and the qualities that make you proud to be you.

Don’t let anyone undermine your worth. You possess the ability to envision a broad spectrum of possibilities, not just a singular perspective. Recognizing your value internally is essential, but also notice it in your interactions. As you engage with others daily, you’ll appreciate your unique role more, realizing that no one impacts their community quite like you.

Will you stand with me in celebrating our unique identities, regardless of others’ opinions?

Your self-belief and recognition of your DISTINCTIVENESS not only uplifts you but radiates love to those in your orbit.

By valuing yourself, you naturally emanate happiness wherever you tread.

Stay Resilient.


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