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I am blessed and cursed, but mostly blessed...yeah very blessed!

January 7, 2024, about two and half weeks since our Sherry Christmas celebration. Kandi rolled up into a ball and stored away (except here).

Christmas, New Years, downtime, writing literally a month’s worth of posts, visits by our daughters, drinking my way through the deadness of the holidays (not the actual holiday days, but the inactivity in between). Thinking and rethinking my life. Back to work. Great news, the moron I reported to on one of my gigs, “retired”. I now report to the CEO. I am basically tasked with doing whatever I can to generate business. My head spins with the possibilities. I get out, make calls, shake hands, kiss babies (okay, not that). I know when I identify a company that can do business with me, when they meet me, it works. I am great at the human connection. Also, I have my eighth job (if my count is correct), working prom season for the bridal/formal wear boutique I model for on weekends. While 2023 was the biggest shit show it could be for my wife and I (outside of any major, although we had many minor, health issues), we turn the calendar page with renewed optimism.

My wife returned to work after an extended absence with some of those health issues. I worked all day the day prior (Saturday) and took advantage of the opportunity to go to Sunday services. Food for the soul! Got dressed in what was a perfect outfit. I headed out the door and did a bit of shopping on my way to church. I am a huge rock fan, as you may know. I purchased three concert posters of shows from my life, one a few years back, one in my early college years and one held at my high school, a million years ago. So I picked up frames and am thrilled by the literal works of art I now have. As an aside, I solicited the company about an apparel idea and they are interested. Hmmmmmm…….

Church was wonderful. Epiphany Sunday. Smiles, hugs, everyone calling me by name (when I cannot remember theirs), an argument with a friend over the Browns, made a gentlemen’s bet (ironic, huh?) which I ended up losing. No better way to spend an hour or so, none. There is literally no space on this planet where I am simply me. Not a man, not a woman, not a caricature, not trans, not important, not an example, just how I wish to be perceived by the world. I get a lot of it most places, but at this place, it is perfection. Me.

Now the part you probably have no interest in. Back home, my big two hour weekend workout, framed the posters, wrote this post and made a great dinner for my wife and I. My Epiphany…….life is good.


4 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    Downtime with family is good, a chance to renew and appreciate who you are and how everyone is doing.

    A great outfit for church. Also a great time to look inward and to be at peace. I should try it sometime while looking pretty!

    It is good to hear you have some new business opportunities blossoming. Hard work always pays off; sometimes right away and sometimes in the future.

    Love to a great friend,


  2. Kandi,
    Every time you write a post I find I’m nodding in agreement and smiling a wry smile on some familiar comments .

    I’m the World’s worse for remembering names , and yet I everyone appears to remember mine ( so I can’t put it down to old age !! ) . I’m good with faces but their names escape me .

    The Xmas / New Year period is a goodtime to do those promised house keeping jobs but it’s all too easy to catch up with favourite old films while eating another mince pie with a cup of coffee .

    This year I’ve been motivated by a letter to renew my driving licence in April , after all the “should I , shouldn’t I ” moments I’ve now finally decided this is the right time to officially become Teresa , so hopefully my new driving licence will finally say who I am . I’m sure most of us have paperwork and old files that need sorting , well now had to be the time because I needed to find relevant documents to present to a legal adviser . A close TS friend advised me to ask for several copies of the declaration document so I can contact the people who need to know officially , it turned out to be quite a list if I was never to receive incorrectly addressed correspondence again .

    Hopefully one item will be ticked off my bucket list in 2024 when I finally have a passport that allows me to freely travel as Teresa .

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