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Doctor Time X 2

Let life wash over you, allow the goodness to seep through.

I set up what was supposed to have been a full day on January 10, 2024. Not so much…

The morning was to have been spent with my website guru, getting it live. As I finished up my makeup, she called off sick. Not her fault, but it sucked. So I spent the better part of the morning working at home, way overdressed for the ocassion.

Then I decided to make a handful of cold calls on boutiques in the area of my doctor’s office. One…going out of business. The next, nowhere to be found. The last one looked like it was still an active business, closed when it was supposed to have been open. A waste of time, a waste of an outfit.

I did have the appointment with my urologist. Without boring you too much, we agreed to stay on finasteride for another year. So that ensures that my “girls” continue to increase in size and my areolas continue to be tender, but I guess that beats prostate cancer. She asked me if I were comfortable with these side effects. My response was if I were a typical male, absolutely not. But given who and what I am, yeah I kinda like it especially since it provides explainable cover for these physical changes.

January 17, 2024 began with yet another doctor’s appointment, with my primary doctor. [Reminder, she went through breast cancer over the past few years, is a victim of domestic violence so we support common charities, is also a distance runner and we actually have some common acquaintances, one of which directed me in one of my movies.] That means, time to get dressed!

It was a very early appointment, so I got up, did my makeup, got dressed and out the door I went. I love my doctor for obvious reasons, although if I saw her on the street, I may not recognize her. Because of her cancer, she is always masked, as well she should be. We have more of a personal relationship than a doctor-patient relationship. Without breaking HIPPA rules about myself, all is well. I talked about the effects the prostate medication is having on me as I did with my urologist, again probably not welcomed by most men, okay by me. As she was going through my chart etc., apparently the system recommended I get my regular pap smear. Well, that is not going to happen! I am now greeted as Kandi in all my interactions with my health care provider.

Everyone at the doctor’s office loved my coat!

I returned home to get organized and snap a few photos and then went to work. I identified six boutiques to hit for cold calls. The first one was actually not a boutique, but rather a vintage themed apparel store. Now remember, this is what I looked like. I had about a half hour, unscheduled, conversation with the owner and if what we discussed happens….home run!

After a few more stops, I went to one of the boutiques I earmarked. If the first stop was a home run, this was a grand slam. We chatted for about 45 minutes and she immediately loved my lines. She is also established online and is connected with a number of other boutiques. We talked about her connecting me with those platforms and I suggested I host a wine and cheese event for these ladies to show them my lines.

If either of both of these click, I could be on my way to making a living at this (instead of driving my wretched and rapidly aging truck). This was just talk, so I depend on none of it, but I am uplifted and optimistic after a month plus of the expected, but still depressing, year end doldrums.

If any reader is in the apparel business or is involved in the purchase of apparel and can help a sister out, please let me know!

The best part of the day was that I spent almost all of it as Kandi, almost all of it seamlessly going about my business, all of it being optimistic. I will admit, I had not been optimistic for quite some time. Not pessimistic, but just not optimistic either. My last stop was an all day Happy Hour, two Cosmos as I sat happily at the bar in a very crowded restaurant. No one paying me any undue attention.

Be you, love yourselves, be kind to others!


6 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    Great looking outfits for winter outings. You have excellent taste.

    BTW, I’m on Dutasteride for prostate shrinkage. It is working great. And similar side affects as you but with no areola discomfort, just some breast enlargement and smoother skin. A win-win for me.

    I really hope your apparel business takes off. Your hard work and expertise will shine through.


  2. Kandi,
    It’s so easy to take our health for granted , the majority of us won’t escape medical help and advice and hopefully nothing too serious but I know we can’t bury our heads in the sand when something needs to be done .

    I can see that Kandi is becoming an easier way of life , no one bothers and why should they , they appreciate you as the person you are . I wish you all the best in your new venture , hopefully the hard work will pay off .

    Things have now become simpler for me now I’ve done a formal name change my GP’s surgery has accepted the changes but it still doen’t mean I won’t suffer from male complaints , I just have to accept that will never be resolved . I’m waiting on my new passport partly because I need to use the issue reference number to update my driving licence . I can only speak for the UK but some of the changes are proving difficult now most companies only have an online presence , they will happily take your money but then try speaking to someone , I find it quite ironic that some software wants you to tick the ” I am not a robot ” box when my conversation is taking place with a robot !! My car insurance was possibly the most amusing and frustrating , my online account allowed me to change from MR to MS but it wouldn’t allow me to change my name , so the corrected entry read Ms Terence ****** . A day later an Email informed me of the changes and when I checked it out it read , Ms Teresa ****** , GREAT ! The following day a follow up Email read , ” Hi Terence , how did we do ? ” from a figure 0-10 , I gave them -10 !

  3. Sounds like another great Kandi kind of day and as usual you are so well put together
    And wow sounds like some great news on your business front
    Hope that all works out

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