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A Couple of Wonderful Events

A few more very full days!

I am in my annual flurry of holiday activity and then we’ll hit the wall for the annual holiday shutdown.

December 3, 2023, third time out in five days, three consecutive days to follow. This is literally a no story outing. My friend, Nancy, who treated me to two Cleveland Orchestra concerts this past summer, invited me many months ago to attend her Christmas Chorus concert. On a rainy day, I got dressed, ran a number of errands and thoroughly enjoyed the concert. Nancy was delighted to see me and I was very happy to have attended!

In and out of the car. Grocery shopping. The concert. Complete comfort. Ease. Loving my casual look on this day. I must be getting good at this. I went up to get ready and came back down and my wife was surprised I got dressed so quickly. While obviously, it takes longer for Kandi to get her girl on than it does for her host body to get out the door, I’m getting the hang of it. After now almost ten years, it is becoming second nature, just like it would for an aged woman like me.

December 4, 2023, I get to work (yes, work for pay) in my role as model coordinator! The best money I make, the best experience I have.

You may recall, I worked my first fashion show (as opposed to being in a fashion show) this past September, check it out here. Back to work and allow me to say, it was sublime.

The show was at Cleveland’s Union Club, a very high end social club. In any other circumstance, I could not sniff the place. This day, I was valued.

I helped the boss load up the car and we drove downtown for the show. I then helped unload the car and get everything set up for the models. Then I worked with the show choreographer on the logistics of the show. I was very much an integral part of this process and ultimately, important for the show. Then I went back to the model room and helped out wherever I could. Please understand dear readers (and I do not say this lightly), you would kill for an opportunity like this! I never, ever take it for granted.

A side story. Two different people, in a place I had never stepped foot, who had nothing to do with putting on this show, knew me from somewhere else. In this case, it was my work recently at a Crohn’s and Colitis event, and of course, at the art museum.

Take a look at the run sheet in the opening of this post. That is my job. To make sure every model is in order, to make sure every model is perfect with no tags showing, nothing out of place. I am in my element for about an hour, with about 15 women, of all ages and levels of model experience. Me calming some nerves, me gushing over a particular outfit, me keeping the cats herded, me doing what I was put on this is planet to do (if only I could actually make a living at this).

Just to get up, get dressed, do my makeup, get in the car, do a job, return home, never for a millisecond thinking about my attire…….nothing better! BTW, I went cutesy this day, with great feedback on it.

My “boss” is amazing, she seems to love me. Her staff, very happy for my help. The patrons, all seem to value my opinion after the show when we sell the outfits and the models, each and every one of them thank me. And that… words.

Me, with my big mouth, sometimes getting me into trouble, but usually getting me in some amazing situations. Let me catch my breath long enough for two more days of this!


15 Responses

  1. I love that you allow yourself to savor these experiences and I’m so glad you share the with us. Btw, I love the dress!!

  2. What an amazing outfit Kandi for an amazing day. You’re right, I would kill for an opportunity like that and I would do it for free (watch your back sister) 😂. Wishing a wonderful person a wonderful day.

    Trish 💖💕

  3. At my college graduation the speaker said “Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life” . Those words made sense to me. I was 44 at the time and had just retired from a job. Too often people take jobs out of necessity for $. Money is nice to have, but it doesn’t always make you happy.

  4. Kandi,
    I had to smile at the comment , ” Me with my big mouth !” I’m not sure if it’s the downside of gaining confidence ? It’s ironic that we go from daring to enter a conversation to being told we talk too much .

    Your sundress is lovely , sadly I’ve had to accept my Ted Baker was too tight and had to go to another lucky owner !

  5. Kandi, I love the sundress with the beige cardigan and shoes – I’d be just twirling the skirt all day long! 😁 Your work as a model coordinator is an amazing experience and shows how accepting everyone is for a fashion show.

    The striped dress is cute and casual, great for a day into evening with the concert. Your friends are awesome to invite you to enjoy these events.

      1. Kandi,
        Once the morning choice is made , I usually forget the moment and go about my chores .
        Recently my painting group had a Xmas get together at the end of a painting morning , I’d made some mince pies and others took light bites , the band that rehearses at the other end of the building played some great Xmas music so most danced to it . I wore a Xmas dress I’d bought from a discount clothing store , I was a little taken back by the comments , from looking stylish , having a great figure and several asked if they could still buy the dress .

        Gwen has just posted on the subject of faith and belief , when you get days like this is also applies to other people’s thoughts of you .

  6. OMG, as I wrote at the other place, I cannot remember you wearing a sundress and it looks fabulous on you. If you trade it in you are making a big mistake–just send it to me instead (although it would be too small on me)!

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