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Day of Visibility

Doing my part, being visible!

March 31, 2023 the day I was able to officially view (I had already seen it earlier in the week) my portrait at Studio West 117. This is Trans: A Photography Journey of Awareness and Love was awesome to see with the place full of people. Studio West 117 is an amazing place.

This might be a nice look to duplicate this outfit. I received quite a few compliments, but then again, it was a stacked audience.

I got out early as I had a basket of clothes to sell and a gift card from my last selloff burning a hole in my purse. I was thrilled they bought every single item I brought, so that freed me up to buy a few skirts, a couple of short summer dresses, a great zebra jacket and new purse. All just from essentially selling off a number of items and using the proceeds to purchase new (to me) items, but fewer. It’s a slow thinning of the herd. It keeps the thrill of new things without growing my already bloated wardrobe.

After two such stops, I hunkered down at a nearby pub to do some work and nurse a drink.

Then I finally went over to the exhibit and really had a lovely evening. I spent some time with my friend Jackie (Ohio Fashion Week) and made a hopeful connection to the rock/concert business and spent some time chatting with a Cleveland icon. She was the principal rock photographer for The Plain Dealer beginning in the 70’s. I have some of her work hanging in my office. I talked about a photo she took probably in the mid-to-late 70’s of Springsteen and Southside Johnny on stage. I love that picture!

So I was out in public for about 11 hours, doing my part to be visible on this important day.


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  1. Kandi,

    Very inspirational for me, especially at this moment.
    Thank you for being YOU and thank you ever so much for sharing YOURSELF with us!


  2. You look fabulous, the trendy sleeves on your sweater are perfect for the day of visibility. It’s been tough for me to find an opportunity to get out again. But seeing your beautiful smile almost every day is a welcome respite from my life-in-a-rut existence. I know how to be patient, and that opportunity will arise sooner than I expect.

  3. Kandi,
    While it’s good to be out looking your best sometimes my life doesn’t always mean I can . To consider the two extremes I’ve experienced this week . I have a second small property that provides a bonus income , the tenant vacated a week or so ago so I met with my letting agent to discuss improvements before they re-let it . I’ve taken on the work myself so for the last week I’ve been in old jeans and Tshirts , OK I’ll never go without basic makeup and an older wig . It’s amusing to still be treated totally as a woman even when taking items to a recycle centre . I gave myself a day off to check out a new art group , it was lovely to dress smartly for the day and meet about fifty members to chat to over coffee before attending a lecture on seaside art .

    For all that I’m always visible as Teresa .

    1. Thanks Teresa. March 31 is considered the Transgender Day of Visibility here in the states. This specific post, which was about my day on March 31, was how I celebrated the day, in a very visible fashion.

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