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Coffee With Kara

Put yourself out there and it does payoff. This late morning coffee is an example of that.

During our long day on set for Wheat Germ, I met quite a few people. Kara and I struck up a connection and we exchanged e-mails after we recovered from that day. She had scheduled an acting class on August 29, 2021 (where I take my improv classes) and suggested we get together for coffee beforehand. I was delighted!!

Kara is a creative soul, with music talent, along with singing, voice-over and now acting in her arsenal. We are both sort of heading down the same path, feeling our way in the acting community and longing to be more creative. We shared mutual interests and will certainly be helpful to each other in our attempts to find additional opportunities.

She probably won’t remember this, but as she walked up to me (we sat outside), she said she had to use the restroom and then, as she walked past me, told me my top was cute! Little compliments like that tell me that the other person does see me as a woman in their minds and I treasure these small things.

I told her this when we met and I am doing it again here. When I meet someone and they extend an invitation to get together afterward, it means the world to me. Our conversation was wonderful, free and easy, many topics discussed. It simply felt to me like two women chatting, so natural and such a gift. Kara, I thank you for your kindness and the friendship that you extended to me.

That was the extent of my day out, but it was worth every second, every mile. I went very casual with this cute Nautica top and white shorts. The top, shorts and belt were recent $1 acquisitions. The top was brand new as it still had the original tags on it.

I can see a future for me doing these creative types of things. The pandemic forced me to reshape how I did things in the world as Kandi and so far, so good!


Come and see me walk the runway!! Check out this video!!


6 Responses

  1. Hi Kandi: coincidentally before I read what Kara had said about your top, I thought exactly the same thing—how cute it was. I really like the colour. I also like the colour and shape of that wig. It really looks nice on you. Have a great day, Frannie.

  2. You are wonderful. Can’t wait for more adventures and coffee to hash it all over! See you onset soon! Psyched we are placed in the same scene on another movie set. Whoot!! 😘

  3. What a great connection you made there, it’s so much fun reading about your days, it helps on days like this one where I find myself down and a bit depressed
    I too love that top and the hair is just so darn cute too.
    Hugs my friend

    1. Rach, just know I love you! I know that really doesn’t help, but it’s all I have.

      Yes, the short time I have known Kara has been great and I hope we can be girlfriends for some time to come.

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