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An Important Message

We revisit this important Jocelyn post.

By Jocelyn Johnson

I wasn’t sure if Kandi would want to post this story. It is not about my crossdressing and mixing in public. But I believe every once and awhile we have to think about our health. I think my situation here is different than most.

Being born gender male I have a prostate, like all males. And when we get into our 50s we should have it checked regularly. In my early 50s I was experiencing enlarged prostate symptoms, so after a digital exam and a PSA blood test my doctor prescribed medication to help shrink it. A daily pill for the rest of my life.

As the years went by I had the annual digital exam and PSA test. One year the diagnosis wasn’t good so I had a biopsy performed (not pleasant) and the good news was it was benign, no cancer. Continued taking of the medication kept my condition in check and I have had no further problems and none of the earlier issues related to an enlarged prostate (see Clint Eastwood at the start of the movie “Trouble With The Curve”).

But the medication I was taking may cause gynecomastia, male breast enlargement. Now for a crossdresser that is not a bad thing. I can now comfortably fill an A cup bra. And with a little help I can achieve my goal of looking like a B cup woman. Unfortunately, like most women serious problems may occur in our breasts. Last year I noticed a lump in my left breast. Upon seeing my doctor he ordered a mammogram for me. So there I was at the hospital getting a mammogram and an ultrasound to determine if I had breast cancer. Once again, good news it was benign.

And the bottom line; whether you are male or female, or somewhere in between, please get yourself checked regularly for cancer. As the saying goes “the life you save may be your own.”


Thank you Jocelyn for the reminder!


6 Responses

  1. Jocelyn, thanks for the timely reminder that my mantra of ‘always put off till tomorrow what you could do today’ is not the key to a long and healthy life.

    Glad that all’s well with you and nice photo too.

    1. Amanda,
      You are correct, procrastination is easy but not always the right thing to do. We all need to act in a timely manner to keep our mind and body healthy.
      Thanks for your comments.

  2. Thanks, Jocelyn for you post and may I add to have any unusual spot on your skin checked out. I had a small spot on my head that originally was treated with a topical cream. At my yearly checkup I mentioned it hadn’t gone away so I was referred to a dermatologist. Turns out it was pre-cancerous but I still needed a scalp treatment. Then I realized a dime sized spot on my arm had been there for awhile. That ended up being a carcinoma. Not really serious but is coming out in July. The point is don’t let minor things like that linger without having them looked at.

    1. Donna,
      You have added an excellent point; that all of us need to be vigilant about any skin issues. I’m glad to hear you are having timely treatment to remove your carcinoma.
      Let’s all look after our health.

  3. Jocelyn,

    Thank you so much for this reminder. I have an enlarged prostate, and lately have been more symptomatic. I am getting the PSA and am hoping it comes back negative.


    1. Lisa,
      The PSA result will just be a number, and I have found that different doctors think a different number is the acceptable level.
      My urologist prescribed dutasteride as the solution to shrink the prostate, and this greatly reduced the chance of it becoming cancerous. After over 20 years taking this medication I seem to have fixed the enlarged prostate issue.
      Please take care of yourself. “An ounce of prevention is……. “

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