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Story time!

A Dual Gender Magical Short Escape 

Mark had himself skillfully maneuvered through high stakes to reach the glittering skyline of New York City through the world of finance. But contrary to the person he projected in front of the whole world through all his professional achievements, he was a man full of secret desires. 

He dreamt of her being a woman—perhaps that explained his cross-dressing in the privacy of the apartment, touching every article with reverence as giving the meaning he had wanted for that piece of the puzzle he wished to complete. 

But on this secret life was overlaid a life of anxiety—the dread of recognition by somebody known, for then it would explode and make an end to the balancing that had been going on. In social life, his interests seemed to revolve around one thing: his best friend, Steve. He was an extremely charismatic and attractive person who had an affable word for everyone. 

In turn, Mark was always reserved and, in many aspects, he was acting as his sidekick. He had given him the name “little buddy” dearly and was fiercely protective of him. Amid the clinking glasses on a fateful night in the busy bar, with laughter all around, he threw a startling comment at Mark: “You know little buddy, you look more like a girl than most of the women at this bar. “You would have been one pretty girl, though, I must tell you.” The confession made his heart race with a cocktail of embarrassment, relief, and disbelief. 

Should he tell Steve his secret? Moment ruined. Steve casually transitioning to their next adventure. “Don’t worry about it. I know you’re not a chick, Mark. But it would sure be bitchin’. Ready for our cruise to Mexico next week? ”Mark smiled, and they started chatting about all the cool places where he’d been around. In a couple of seconds, their talk was invaded by a beautiful woman who came up to Steve and asked him to dance. Mark watched them; some bittersweet feeling swashed over him. 

The cruise was a journey to paradise. I had visited the cheerful port and spent their day sunbathing, having a fun evening time on the ship. They literally fell in the funny little shop full of all kinds of crap in Costa Maya. 

Steve’s eyes traveled over the back, and Mark was somehow attracted towards a locked-up case that displayed a very attractive ring; it was picked up by a pretty Spanish shopkeeper. “I keep that ring in a locked section, only for special people. 

 Do you feel or hear anything? 

Mark acknowledged having heard the whispering voice, beautiful and inviting beyond words. The eyes of the shopkeeper sparkled with understanding. “You are the one. It is yours, gratis. 

This is a magical ring; there was one such as you, and the ring did fulfill my most secret desire. Now it will do the same for you. That’s all I’m allowed to tell you. The rest you must experience yourself. The ring chose well; you’re going to be stunning.” 

With a shrug, Mark slipped on the ring. A warm sensation enveloped him, bringing an inexplicable sense of contentment. 

Over the next couple of weeks, Mark started changing. His hair thickened, and his body started to thin out toward a more female shape. His features started softening. 

Steve looked at the changes and looked at him, worried. “You okay there, little buddy? Kinda, uh, glowing a little bit? Mark pushed this thought away: he was not going to admit that. 

But one morning, Mark got up and saw a wonderful woman looking at him from the mirror: breast size of eight and a totally female figure. 

He was astounded and exhilarated. “Holy shit, I’m gorgeous. The shopkeeper was right,” he whispered to his reflection.  

Stepping out of the bathroom with his hips covered by a towel, Mark was breathing heavily. Steve was starting to come to his senses, and he gasped, “WTF, Mark? Is that you? 

Tears ran from Mark’s eyes, both in relief and a huge share of joy at the same time. Steve, as a friend who was caring, reassured through his deeds that he understood and fully accepted. 

After all, they met, took the time to get to know each other for quite long, and had such a nice love story. Steve, who had always loved Mark, found himself falling in love with this new, raw version of his friend. 

Mark formed a deep relation with Steve, beyond the level of their previous friendship, and now he took his absolute self with him. It was no longer just a cruise; it had become a journey of miles, hearts, and identities towards a future bright with possibility and love. 

Dr. Gwen Patrone


3 Responses

  1. Gwen,
    Oh my !! I must take care when trying on jewellery .

    Seriously, I’ve just booked a cruise I’ve always wanted to do ; no not anywhere exotic but places I’ve never visited around the British Isles . Islands in Scotland , Southern Ireland and the Isles of Scilly . I’m booked in and travelling singly as Teresa but perhaps I should take care not to look too closely in the special locked jewellery cases as I might finish the voyage with a companion !




  3. Marie,
    The final hurdle was officially changing my name earlier this year , it took a month of demands for more and more documents from the passport office but now I can finally travel as Teresa as a designated female , so nothing to hold me back .

    I have taken several cruises in the past as a man but this will be the first time as Teresa , it’s going to be a very interesting twelve days .

    As a tester I joined my local National Trust goup on a holiday in 2022 and this year I’ve booked a holiday in Cornwall with a local coach company and later this year I plan to take a second holiday with my NT group again . So far not a single problem but obviously I don’t share a room .

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